Province: Barcelona
Shire: Berguedà
Inhabitants: 4333
Extension: 45,8 Km2
Altitude: 455 m

Puig-reig is a municipality in the Berguedà region, located on a hill next to the Llobregat river. Its name means "big mountain".

The municipal term of Puig-reig is formed, in addition to Puig-reig, by 6 population centers: Atmetlla de Merola, Cal Marçal, Cal Riera, Colonia Pons, Colonia Vidal and Cal Prat. All these nuclei have their origin in the textile colonies that were established along the Llobregat river during the 14th century. The Colonia Vidal is a clear example, the last textile colony built in Berguedà, and which today has become an interesting museum where you can learn about life in a colony 100 years ago.

If we take a walk through the town, we can see the castle of Puig-reig, an important fortress in the county of Berga, dated from the year 907, and which during the 12th century was the residence of Guillem de Berguedà. The 12th century church of San Martín also stands out, with a single nave covered with a barrel vault and a semicircular apse. Already on the outskirts of the town we find the Periques bridge, a late 13th century Gothic bridge built over the Llobregat.

The textile colonies

L'Ametlla de Merola

It is probably the best known textile colony in all of Catalonia. Since its foundation in 1876, the history of its owners, the Serra Feliu, originally from Vilassar de Mar, and of its inhabitants and workers in the colony has merged in a very special way: it is the Almond and it is the ametllans.

The importance of the company, the urban structure of the colony and its size mean that it still keeps a good part of its cultural and festive activities and its own signs of identity alive. The textile activity is also maintained in the old and modern warehouses of the factory complex.

Great House of Cal Riera

Documented since 1890, the factory was built taking advantage of the waterfall of the old flour mill of the Casa Grande de cal Riera, which gave it its name, although for many years it was also known by the name of Cal Manent, one of the main shareholders of the fabric.

Its owners, a company name made up of different partners: Manent, Massana, Vilaseca and Llibre, promoted the construction of the colony, of which the tower and the factory itself stand out especially. The houses, built at different times, respond to the multi-family housing model.

Cal Riera was the first factory and colony affected by the textile crisis, and closed its doors in 1980, but today the factory continues to work, dedicating itself to the production of cotton spinning.

The colony of Cal Marçal

The Torra, manufacturers from Manresa and cousins of the Pons, bought the land of the Cal Marçal farmhouse in 1880 with the aim of building a factory and a textile colony, which initially only included a long street that formed the multi-family dwellings.

The factory and the small colony were acquired in 1915 by Pons, who sold it to Viladomiu in 1929. It was from this date that, under the hands of the Viladomiu, the factory and the colony experienced significant growth: new houses were built at the foot of the road and also the church of the Colony. Prosperity also made the Cal Marçal neighborhood grow at the foot of the road and next to the colony.

Cal Vidal

It is the last textile colony built in Berguedà, and it is probably for this reason that Cal Vidal stands out especially for its orderly, rational and modern urban planning, and for the existence of one of the most impressive waterfalls in the region, attractions of this colony located at the foot of the road and that today can be visited as a museum.

The factory was launched in 1901 and since then, the Vidal family projected its growth and enhanced the services of the workers who lived and who today can be seen thanks to the Museum: Vicente Vidal Casacuberta Foundation, Cinema, Casal de la Mujer, Iglesia, etc.

The Cal Casas neighborhood

It is the least known textile colony in the Berguedà region, because it was one of the first to suffer the textile crisis in 1968, and so the town's urban growth has partially absorbed it.

The first factory was nothing more than a small spinning mill that took advantage of the old Puig-reig flour mill since 1870. It was operated by different social reasons, with Sallentins and Berganese industrialists, until the hand of Llorenç Mata i Pons became a large yarn factory. Mata i Pons was one of the great cotton wholesalers in our country, and owner of other factories scattered throughout Catalonia.

Today the factory buildings house new and entrepreneurial industrial activities in the shadow of the old tower; the houses of cal Casas, a solid stone construction, form one of the most remarkable complexes on Llobregat street in our town.

The Cal Prat neighborhood

Originally from Sallent, where since the 18th century they were engaged in manufacturing activities - first in a copper forge and later in the manufacture of wool and cotton yarns and fabrics - they began the construction works of the Puig-reig 1871 factory.

It was a large floor factory dedicated to spinning and weaving cotton around which he also designed the spaces and buildings of the colony.

In Puig-reig, the Prat family found cheap land and especially abundant water from the Llobregat, that is, free energy for their factory. They founded a family business and a large colony with housing and services for workers who lived and worked. In addition to the factory, the tower of the owners and the church stand out from the complexes of buildings.

The Cal Pons colony

Founded in 1875 by the Manresan Pons family, it is probably the most interesting textile colony in Catalonia from a monumental point of view.

Two towers stand out, the director's chalet, a magnificent neo-Gothic church, the house-convent of the nuns, and a remarkable set of gardens and forest, in addition to the characteristic multi-family dwellings.

The colony was built between 1875 and 1920, the years of maximum economic growth and of special political and economic prominence for its owners. Luis G. Pons i Enrich, industrialist and politician, was one of the greatest defenders of industrial paternalism.

The factory, dedicated to the production of cotton yarns and fabrics, expanded its production with the manufacture of towels in the sixties, being the main activity until its closure in 1992.

Visits every month

Visits to the Castle, Templar order and Merola tower

Founded in counties times, probably at the end of the 9th century, the castle of Puig-reig was chosen by the viscount and troubadour Guillem de Berguedà to locate his residence. In his will, in 1196 he left a good part of his patrimony to the order of the Temple, and they made Puig-reig one of the few orders in old Catalonia. A visit to the Romanesque church of San Martín and the castle of Puig-reig, allows us to capture the importance that this place came to have during the Middle Ages.

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Cal Pons Interpretation Center

Declared a cultural asset of national interest in 2017, the monumental complex of the Pons neighborhood represents one of the best-preserved examples of industrial urbanism from the end of the 19th century. The visit to the interpretation center located in the neo-Gothic church of San José and the subsequent walk through the forest of the colony allow the visitor to enter the period of maximum splendor of the Catalan textile industry and learn about its main protagonists.

Hours agreed. Check on the web.

Cultural route of the Ametlla de Merola

L'Ametlla de Merola is one of the few colonies that remains a true population center with its own character and in this case, with an outstanding cultural dynamism. The visitor can stroll through its streets and squares and discover the history of this colony thanks to the explanatory panels that will accompany them along the route.

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Colonia Vidal Museum

The Vidal neighborhood museum, founded in 1995, is today one of the main tourist attractions in the region. Guided tours allow you to discover the most emblematic spaces of what was the last colony founded in Berguedà and learn about the daily life of its workers as well as the working conditions in the factory where the technical process of transforming cotton into fabric is explained.

Check on the web.

Discover the underground currents of Puig-Reig

Since ancient times, most constructions have been made taking into account the underground water currents. This knowledge has been applied to towns and cities, whether in the construction of bridges, locks, churches, factories and public buildings. These currents, apart from influencing buildings, also greatly influence people and their daily lives even though we are not aware of it.

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