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Restaurant Jardinet de Gràcia

Barcelona (a 10.4 Km)

Don't wait any longer and try the dinners and cocktails spending a magical night at the Jardinet Aribau, they have menus for groups, vegetarians and vegans.

Restaurant Windsor

Barcelona (a 10.8 Km)

The Windsor restaurant, located in Barcelona, ​​is a benchmark of contemporary Catalan cuisine that sublimates the local product and combines tradition and…

Restaurant Verne

Barcelona (a 11.1 Km)

Enjoy a market cuisine, with modern and international touches and a lot of flavor of the sea. All this made with products of the highest quality and proximity in…

Restaurant Jardinet d'Aribau

Barcelona (a 11.1 Km)

Lunches, dinners and cocktails in a charming garden under the treetops. This is possible in the Jardinet d'Aribau, a unique and unrepeatable space in the center…

Restaurant Alquimia

Barcelona (a 11.4 Km)

Alquimia Barcelona is a restaurant in Barcelona that will not leave you indifferent. Where you will dine in an incomparable setting. Signature and classic "biGquinis"…

Pirineu en Boca

Barcelona (a 11.5 Km)

Pirineu in Boca was born in March 2015 as the result of the union of two dreams: to offer people who live in the city, like us, the possibility of buying meat of…

Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona

Barcelona (a 12.3 Km)

The Moritz Barcelona Factory is a unique space, divided into three floors, which includes the Brewery, a store, better known as the Moritz Store, a microbrewery…

Can Solé

Barcelona (a 13.2 Km)

One of the most emblematic restaurants in Barcelona and one of the few that has managed, since its birth in 1903, to maintain itself over the years and retain a…

Restaurant Skyfall

L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (a 16.3 Km)

Enjoy cocktails and gastronomy in a unique and exclusive space at the Top of the city with 360º views of Barcelona that will not leave you indifferent!


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