Province: Barcelona | Shire: Berguedà | Inhabitants: 2.237 | Extension: 27,2 Km2 | Altitude: 677 m

Avià is a municipality in the Berguedà region located approximately 3 kilometers from the capital of the region, Berga. Its municipality is made up of different nuclei apart from the central nucleus, Avià: Barrio de la Cruz, Cal Rosal, Graugés, Molino del Castillo, Obiols and La Plana. All of them are relatively small nuclei in terms of population number, but dispersed throughout the territory of the term. It should even be said that in the center of Graugés we find a pond and in Cal Rosal, a former textile colony, several markets are held, among which the Mushroom Market or the Truffle Fair stand out.

The nucleus of Avià was formed around the church of Sant Martí, built in the 9th century. At that time the castle was also built, which served as a watchtower. The core seems to have been walled and it is believed that there were two access doors, on the one hand the one on Portal Street - which, today, still preserves the arch between two houses - and the other that must have been located near Cal Gasolà.

As the centuries passed, the nucleus grew, this caused the number of houses to increase and some services to be moved outside the nucleus, such as the cemetery, the rectory and the Romanesque church.

The municipality of Avià has an important natural, material or intangible heritage. It is worth highlighting the Romanesque church of Santa María de Avià, that of Sant Vicenç d'Obiols, in pre-Romanesque style or the Serrat dels Lladres and the Serradet del Bullidor. We must also keep in mind the activities that are carried out, such as the various major festivals that each of the towns of the municipality celebrate or the meetings that take place around hermitages such as those of Remei or Sant Serni.

On the other hand, we must not forget the Segar and Batre Festival, which has been celebrated since 1989 on the second Sunday of the month of July. Its objective is to honor life in the countryside and that is why a series of practical demonstrations of the work of mowing and threshing are carried out, in the same way as it was done in the past, with field tools and with the help of animals. This festival, over the years, has modified its structure and has incorporated other elements so that it remains attractive to new generations.


  • Aviart
  • Cal Ramonet
  • Graugés Pond
  • Sant Cerni de Celrà
  • Sant VIcenç dels Obiols
  • Santa Maria de Avià
  • Vilajoana
  • Ballús

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