A walk through the old roads of Malgrat de Mar

A walk through the old roads of Malgrat de Mar

Malgrat de Mar, known as the Portal del Maresme, is located between Barcelona and Girona and is surrounded by Montnegre, the Tordera river delta and the coast.

The more than five kilometers of beach that characterize the municipality are complemented by emblematic buildings and large green areas and parks that make Malgrat de Mar a suitable place to walk and enjoy a unique and diverse natural landscape.

The environment and the main economic activities that take place in Malgrat have defined the personality of Malgrat de Mar over time. Beyond the beach and the marine tradition of the municipality that predominates in the popular imagination, Malgrat de Mar has also been, throughout its history, a town of miners and farmers.

Three signposted routes - the Tordera Delta road, the Can Palomeres Mines road and the Santa Rita road - corroborate this fact and make it possible to know and understand, through a walk along ancient roads, Malgrat's past and present de Mar, as well as discover corners of the municipality that are little known.

The Tordera Delta

The river area of the Tordera Delta has been a determining factor in the history of Malgrat de Mar. Apart from the social and productive value that has meant for the municipality, together with the heritage and environmental values ​​make it the most attractive natural space to visit in the whole area.

r164-Delta-de-la-tordera-regret-of-sea La Tordera is a typical Mediterranean river that rises in the Montseny massif, at the highest point of the mountain range, and that after 61.5 kilometers flows into the Mediterranean bordering between Malgrat de Mar and Blanes, which creates a soft protrusion that is known as Tordera's head.

It is considered the most abundant underground river in Europe, although in summer it almost always goes down quite dry and the rest of the year it has a scarce flow but allows to feed the delta.

Due to its particularities, the Tordera Delta is considered a protected natural area classified as of natural interest and is part of the Natura 2000 network. This is characterized by forming a lagoon closed by a sand and pebble bar that attracts many people. migratory birds that stop at this point to rest during migratory seasons, among which you can see species such as the gray heron, the crabeater or the kingfisher.

The signposted road, which can be started in the village or next to the campsites that are on the seafront, is flat, with a minimum level of difficulty and difficulty. During the five kilometers of the road you can visit the delta and the protected area of ​​the dunes with native fauna and flora.

The mining activity

Although Mar is characterized by having a diverse and differentiated landscape. The coastal strip is home to an extensive fertile and cultivated plain known as the Pla d'en Grau, which has endowed the municipality with an agricultural specialization, where among the cultivated products the best valued are escarole and beans.

r164-iron-mines-regret-of-the-sea This landscape contrasts with a more rugged area at the western end of the municipality where the Montagut rises . This mountainous area presents relevant geological values ​​with mineralized sectors that gave rise, in the middle of the XIX century, to the exploitation of the mountain and the development of the mining activity, since the hematite, an iron ore, was found in this place.

Given that this mineral was discovered near Can Palomeres, the name of the farmhouse attributed personality to the mining complex that was operated until 1914 by a French company, which gave it a great boost and created the necessary infrastructures for its exploitation, such as some aerial towers that helped transport the ore to the ships. In fact, from the seafront of Malgrat de Mar you can see, though, a large stone in the middle of the sea known as the Pilona. This was part of the artificial platform that was used for the shipment of minerals.

Currently, the area is part of the Natura 2000 Network, since it also has important values ​​for its biodiversity linked to bat colonies.


A route of 6 kilometers is the path of the signposted Can Palomeres, which climbs upwards to Cerro de Serra, 190 meters high, from where you can enjoy panoramic views of the entire municipality and the Mediterranean. This is, of the three, the most complicated route and that requires a certain physical preparation. From this point, a wide path brings us to the first Montnegre hills and makes us go down towards the 7 towers. Leaving the urbanization, going down to the left of an abandoned house is the entrance to the first mine and 50 meters below this is the entrance to the second mine which is the most spectacular, as it still preserves rock fragments from iron on the roof. Also, next to the Rierot de Mas Joer the well and the miners' house are conserved.

Although the entrances to the mine are not dangerous, you have to be careful to hit the roof with your head.

The Masía de Can Palomeres

r164-minas-de-Palomeres-pesar-de-mar It seems that the Masía de Can Palomeres, also known as Can Plumeres, was built at a strategic point, since apart from finishing giving name to the iron mines of Malgrat de Mar due to its proximity to them, its situation on the road, in the old royal road and taking advantage of the unevenness of the territory, they suggest that this must also be a house of relevant military strategy.

Currently, it is abandoned but remains are preserved. This farmhouse, originally from the countryside, has been documented since 1288, although, obviously, it has been reformed and expanded over time. The remaining elements of the facade and its structure seem to correspond to the seventeenth or eighteenth century.

The route of Santa Rita

The signposted path of Santa Rita is a 2.5-kilometer walk that begins inside the town and that surrounds the Santa Rita hill. This is a comfortable path through the forest that surrounds the hermitage with a vertical drop, in some moments, a maximum of 50 meters.

r164-Park-francesc-macia-pesar-de-mar The hermitage of Santa Rita, located on the homonymous hill, is surrounded by pine trees where you can breathe fresh air and tranquility. This is characterized by being very small, which makes it attractive, and a few years ago there was still an annual meeting.

Before reaching the hermitage, the path passes through the Francesc Macià park. This is a unique park that attracts attention. Giant flowers, a large pencil and a huge eraser are some sculptural elements that can be found. With a large area of ​​more than 40,000 m², the park has several leisure options - sports areas, rest areas, picnic area... - which can be complemented with the excursion to the hermitage of Santa Rita.

On the other hand, this itinerary can be done previously in the path of the Can Palomeras mines and link both to make a longer journey.

The road network that integrates the three itineraries connects with other proposals that make it possible to extend the routes. These alternatives are the path of the Costa del Maresme, the path of La Tordera and trails of small and large route such as PR-C 146 and GR-92.


The path of the Costa del Maresme and the long distance trail GR-92 are proposals that take place by the sea and make it possible to get to know this territory through the coastal strip.

The path of the Tordera, a project known as the Tourdera, is in the development phase, which aims to establish a greenway, for the practice of cycling and hiking, which unites the territory through which the Tordera passes. the stream of Arbúcies, from its source to its mouth.

And finally, the small route PR-C 146 is a linear route for the Alt Maresme that begins in Calella and even Malgrat de Mar.

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