Entering the valley of Sau - Collsacabra

Entering the valley of Sau - Collsacabra

At the eastern end of the Osona, just 50 km from the Mediterranean Sea, lies a natural region crescent shape that appeals to many for their attractive looks. We refer the Valley of Sau - Collsacabra.

The most identifiable elements of this landscape are the cliffs, with an average altitude of 1100 meters, the Sau and forest Guilleries.

However, this natural region keeps within its plateaus, the Ter River basin and its valley, other charms that give the area its own personality. We refer, for example, small and scattered isolated populations offer a highly conserved homemade cuisine and folk tales that marry perfectly with the landscape.

For an overview of this area and let us grow by your postcards, we propose a route that passes through three of the most significant towns and are a perfect reflection of the character of this area.

Thus, the route we will walk through Tavertet , a municipality elevation between rich and still preserves a small population because of its isolation. The same applies to the medieval village of Rupit and Pruit , which is a must. But we can not stop stepping on the streets of Folgueroles where illustrious son remember people, Jacinto Verdaguer, and spaces where he found his inspiration.

Folgueroles Verdaguer land

The Sau Valley - Collsacabra not only a space of wonder and contemplation, but also has become a source of inspiration.


Folgueroles , we'll begin the route, is the municipality considered the gateway to the forests of Guilleries and is also known as the people of Verdaguer, because it was the town where he was born.

This place, which shows a large abundance of sandstone, lies between the plain of Vic and the mountains, surrounded by small forests and with high contrast landscape consists, first, of farms and hills on the western side, and by ravines and streams in the eastern side.

The population, to this day, keeps tracks of the generations that have inhabited this land before. However, the presence of Verdaguer in the municipality assumes the principal legacy.


Verdaguer was born in 1845 in this town, where he spent his childhood until age ten, when he entered the Seminary of Vic, due to its proximity to study. However, between 1863 and 1871 was living in the farmhouse of Can Tona, located halfway between Vic and Folgueroles . It was here, inspired by the landscape and environment, wrote his first literary works. In 1870 sing Mass in the chapel of Sant Jordi in Puigseslloses.

We recommend walking the route, the route is approximately 6 km from the Church of Folgueroles to the chapel of St. George for, well, know the landscapes that inspired the literary and walk at the same time, for the lovely spaces where Verdaguer used to walk. To get you need to follow the direction of the source and Damunt Forques.

If you want to learn more about life in the village Verdaguer recommend visiting Verdaguer House Museum, located in the house where he lived Jacinto up to two years.

Rupit and Pruit, Annex of two populations

Continue the route to the center of Valle de Sau - Collsacabra heading to Rupit , a medieval town with cobbled streets and formed with typical houses of the time. To get from Folgueroles , take the road of Tavèrnoles , which communicates with the Sau reservoir, and continue along the road C-153.


At 845 meters in height found Rupit a small town hidden in this vast area of great natural beauty where the geology and mankind is homogenized. This, because of their physiognomy, looks like a picture postcard village with small streets made ??of stone, the famous wooden suspension bridge and houses with Gothic windows seventeenth century, at the time of the bandit Serrallonga.

Other people accompanying Rupit , the population of Pruit . The latter, situated 950 meters consists of scattered farmsteads and scattered meadows and hills near the Bas Valley, as well as trails GR-2 or the Camino Real.

Because they offer the feeling of being isolated, both populations are an ideal space that invites us to enjoy the peace and calm that breathes and leisurely contemplate the landscape.

From southern Rupit can see a part of the Marshal of Collsacabra Guilleries, Montseny and the characteristic Angulla natural monument. Even neighboring cliffs can be seen, for example, the Tavertet .

Tavertet and cliffs

To observe the cliffs of Tavertet we move from near to this town along the road we had taken earlier to reach Rupit .

Tavertet Cingles

Tavertet stands on the River Ter, in a rugged, geologically speaking, surrounded by cliffs. Its remoteness and rugged terrain contributed to the conservation of its 48 houses built during the XVII and XVIII to get along perfectly with the natural surroundings. It should be noted that this population was no road and therefore isolated to about half of the twentieth century.

As a curiosity, adding that the city initially had only three streets: Street Top, Middle and Bottom.

However, this symbiosis between nature and civilization allowed achieving the status of a Cultural, by the Generalitat de Catalunya in 2003.

Therefore, Tavertet to enjoy its most personal and original, while inviting us to enjoy the places that host them.

One of his most spectacular attractions are the cliffs, between which, by proximity to town, highlights Noguer jumps and Bernat Mill. There are multiple paths that can be made ??through the cliffs, but we recommend the Force Puig, extending from the Middle Street and runs through them and the sports field.

The name of Collsacabra (Quadre)

The name derives from the ancient term Collsacabra Castle Cabrera, known in Catalan as Cabreres. Originally, the name was attributed Collsacabra just west sector Sau Valley - Collsacabra, currently corresponding with the neck of Bac.

Today also part of the subregion of Collsacabra municipalities Esquirol (Santa Maria de Corcó) , Tavertet and Pruit . But despite this, Tavertet always been considered a neutral term limits and borders with the territory of Collsacabra and Guilleries two distinct natural regions himself distinguished writer Josep Pla.

Collsacabra This author described as "a country delight highland Catalonia than in spring and summer is like an English garden, a sweet spot between order and disorder ... splendor of nature in freedom."

Tavertet massif (Vall de Sau - Collsacabra) 

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