Pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Núria

Pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Núria

The road to the Sanctuary of Núria Queralbs, 2h 45min or so is one of the most typical Ripollès. On one side is the way they did the pilgrims to reach the sanctuary, on the other is the first part of the ascent to the peak of Puigmal (1913m), the highest in the region and one of the busiest in the country. Since the construction of the zipper, 1931, making this stretch of the ascent is optional, but the beauty of the stroll invites a lot of hikers.

It has a length of 6.5 km, a height of 700m and is clearly signposted throughout the tour as it is integrated into the GR11. It is considered of medium difficulty but is very suitable to go with the family, as it has the possibility of taking the rack and a huge amount of leisure that can be performed from the Sanctuary.

Queralbs, beginning of the route and place to discover the Pyrenees

Pont del Cremal (Vall de Nuria) To reach Queralbs can opt for own car came up from the N152 road or public transport (RENFE) to Ribes de Freser and then take the zipper. In this town there are references from the year 839 with the name of Keros Athos, and although many years have passed, we can visit the church of Sant Jaume de Queralbs dating from this century and, despite having been renovated and extended in several Sometimes fragment retains the first building. The center of town, with just over 200 inhabitants, maintains a rustic slate houses with steep roofs to overcome the snowy winter months, but outside have raised some newer buildings, usually second homes.

Step by step to Núria

The onset of the find path signposted from the center of the village, following the red and white markings that indicate the GR11 and in any case, asking any villager. Once we left Ribes de Freser to get into the forest, we begin to enjoy the scenery along a path between stone walls, with slight slope, presents no difficulty. This road takes us into the Nuria Valley, between the river with the same name and zipper tracks that will be present during the tour. During the summer months the river low water loaded due to melting, the scenery is a spectacular green and if we pay attention we can see mouflon and chamois, typical landscape of the Pyrenees.

Cami cap to the Vall de Núria Initially left riba tour the Núria River until after an hour's drive to pass right riba Cremal bridge. From here the slope is slightly steeper but is solved with a curving road in many cobbled sections, we will go on separating and elevating the river. In this section we find the Salto del Sastre, Torrent Cascades Cola Fontalba and Cavallo, waterfalls between five and ten meters that make the route more beautiful. Finally we arrive at the Creu Riba d'en gives us the first view of the Sanctuary of Núria and artificial lake, surrounded by the high peaks of the pot. In a quarter of an hour we will have reached Nuria Sanctuary where we will end the 6.5 km of the route.

This tour is not very complicated as it requires no specific technical knowledge to make it, however it should be noted that in almost tota your extension has positive slope and, therefore, should be used to walking. Also, note that the ideal period to make it during the summer as in winter the road can be snow or ice.

The horizon to conquer from the Sanctuary

Vall de Núria (Sanctuary of Núria) Nuria Sanctuary is a place visited by many devotees as it offers a unique setting to almost two thousand feet high, natural shelter spiritual shelter, and since ancient times has atorgado Núria the gift of fertility as well, with couples trouble having children made ??a prayer before the cross and stuck their head in a pot while the bell rang many times as wanted children.

A part of the religious connotations of this site, once we arrived at the sanctuary are multiple options. On one hand there eating establishments, a hotel, a campground and a lodge located at the Pic de l'àliga, where you can sleep, you can also go down with the zipper. But also can do adventure activities from the Shrine: canoeing on the artificial lake, horse riding, archery and even skiing in winter.

Camí Pont del Cremal For those who want to sweat two simple routes that allow us to make the round trip and return to Queralbs . A direction Fontalba of 3h duration and low difficulty and the other towards Coma de Vaca that stretches for 5 h with the ability to sleep in the shelter Coma de Vaca. They are fully specified from the shrine as they are variants of the GR11, also marked with red and white lines or, in any case, employees will indicate the route. The more adventurous can continue the trip up to Puigmal, or any of the other peaks that make up the pot of Núria, the Noufonts, the Noucreus, the Finestrelles, the Torreneules ...

All detailed information on www.valldenuria.com .

Finally, we must explain that this walk can be done with the zipper running from Queralbs approximately every hour and 20min in just over the Sanctuary will leave having enjoyed a spectacular rise also to get into the gorges of Núria. On special zipper enables a time with a car salon, considered luxurious and decorated with fine materials that mimics those used during the beginning of its construction. Thus, the walk does not have to be an impediment to enjoy the delights offered by the Valley of Núria.

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