Local products Ripollès

Local products Ripollès

The region of Ripollès produces a large number and diversity of own food in the area.

Located on the southern slope of the Eastern Pyrenees, the Ripollès is characterized as a region with a rugged terrain and high altitude dominated massive and diverse mountain ranges like the Puigmal.

The part of the region considered simpler the southern half of the Ripollès , also called the Baix Ripollès, with average mountains, although the valleys are presented fairly deep.

This relief makes the climate and vegetation varies according to the area. Therefore, it is a region of contrasts, likewise, stimulates the production or processing of various foods.

The range of local food products ranging from meats and sausages, dairy products, mushrooms ... and even candy products, which all share be superior products that are integrated under the certification mark "Product of Ripollès".

Its producers and processors, you'll find farmhouses, fields and workers of the region invite you to spend and enjoy these foods.

Brand "Product of Ripollès"

Ripollès local products (products ripolles to femturisme cat) The Brand "Product of Ripollès" is the result of various associations - Ripollès Cattlemen's Association, Association of pastors Ripollès Breeders Association Mares Ripollès Mountain, livestock Cooperative Mollo, and Charcuteros Butchers' Association and the Association of Ripollès Small Processors Agroalimentarios Ripollès - invite you to experience their work directly, and the products they produce.

With this brand all those food products that are produced, processed or manufactured in the distinguished Ripollès and are characterized by superior quality.

All products identified with the brand, also meeting specific conditions and have passed a quality control system. Thus, consumers can rest easy with the acquisition of these products, since the origin and excellent quality is guaranteed.

Also, the consumption of products with indigenous marks a territory contributes to the development of the area and the preservation of agricultural and livestock activities are performed. And the maintenance of native breeds such as in the case of the region of Ripollès , the bruna cow (brown) in the Pyrenees or Ripoll sheep.

Throughout the region you can find different establishments that offer the possibility of purchasing these high quality products. These can be found in the shops or outlets where you can read "Here's Product of Ripollès".

On the other hand, if before acquiring the product you want to test, there is growing gastronomic spaces and restaurants of different peoples of the region who focused on local products and have incorporated them in his letters or menus. Look carefully at him when he worked up an appetite!

Ripollès local products (meats ripolles to femturisme cat)

Carnes parenting

Ripollès local products (meat ripolles Pony) The fact that the region of Ripollès is a mountainous region draws an extension of green meadows where you can see different herds graze. The most significant are those formed by heifers and calves, lambs and foals for.

In the Ripollès there are different cattle breeds but stresses the Pyrenean Bruna, a merger between the Catalan native cattle breed cow and Brown Swiss in Switzerland.

The veal Ripollès grows outdoors in the meadows of the zones, and lodges in the region located mainly in Campdevànol , Les Llosses , Pardines , Queralbs , Ribes de Freser , Ripoll and Santa Pau for a fresh, tender and top quality meat.

This can distinguish between meat Beef Cattlemen Ripollès and white meat Veal or Rosada, both are brands created by the Cattlemen's Association Ripollès.

The Ripoll sheep has become another native breed of the region, renowned throughout the Catalan area. Not to mention the lamb and kid, they are also a symbol of the area itself.

In addition, several pastors in the area created a quality brand to value the office of pastor and products. This is OVI and Cabrum Pastors Association of Ripollès.

Another highly valued meat that has increasingly more extensive and loyal following is the pony, although there is still stable consumption habits in Catalonia.

In the Ripollès is approximately 850 cattle have horse native breed of horse Pyrenean Catalan, which is located in seven different regions of the Pyrenees and Pre-Pyrenees and thanks to the breeding of foals is maintained.

The potato and mushrooms

Ripollès local products (potatoes ripolles) Another unique product of Ripollès is the potato or trumfa, which has been cultivated for many years in the Valley of Camprodon and now occurs under the label of the Livestock Cooperative Mollo that welcomes producers, too, Llanars and Vilallonga de Ter .

Although today it has become a food appreciated by its nature, was formerly own food from a subsistence economy.

The potato or trumfa grown in fields located at 1,000 meters altitude. This height and soil properties and climate make it a rich potato is grown in nutrient with a fine taste of nuts and forest aromas. The variety grown in the Ripollès is the Kennebec.

We can also savor the scents of the forest through the mushrooms. These arise due to the strategic location of Ripollès in a Pyrenean and pre-Pyrenean area with rainfall during the summer and a humid environment.

In the forests of the Ripollès can find all kinds of mushrooms: rovellons and pinatells, escarlets, ceps, fredolics and camagrocs, among others.


Ripollès local products (sausages ripolles) The Ripollès not known as a region with a high pig farming, although there are some farms that enable the production of high quality sausages.

These sausages are made using traditional methods employing past generations, for example, artisanal healing. Furthermore, no artificial preservatives carry, which makes them unique and exclusive products.

The variety of sausages produced is diverse: white sausage, bulls, fuets, egg sausage, bacon, sausages, dry back ... although the feature of the region is the llangonisseta Ripollès.

This sausage has a brand created by the Association of Butchers and Charcuteros Ripollès and can be found in different municipalities, as Ripoll or Sant Joan de les Abadesses .

Cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese ...

Ripollès local products (cheese milk yogurts ripolles) Cows, sheep or goats can be found and seen grazing in the meadows and mountains of Ripollès we offer fresh milk, with more flavor and quality to produce all kinds of dairy products.

Being knowledgeable about the peculiarities of milk from these pastures - cows, goats or sheep - some producers of milk and dairy products have created Manufacturers Association Agrifood Ripollès.

From this association made ​​from raw or pasteurized milk and also traditional methods, different crafts: fermented milk or kefir, cottage cheese, brossat, cottage cheese, ripened cheese, yogurt, pudding, cottage cheese flan, cheesecake and cream cheese. They all scrumptious!

The main producers of dairy cheeses territory are Roura-Soler of Santa Pau , but he Lladre of Les Llosses , cheese Herbacol of Queralbs and Mas la Folcra of San Juan of the Abbesses .

Not to mention the sweet ...

Camprodon Valley and the Valley of Ribes are an ideal place for honey production.

Ripollès local products (biscuits weeding ripolles femturisme) The flowers behind these mountains feed the bees that allow later with nectar sucking create with traditional methods and procedures, tasty honey.

Also the Ripollès is known for its tradition in the production of biscuits and sweets. Who has never heard of the Birba biscuit Camprodon or the Carícies of Ripoll ?

Bakeries and pastry shops throughout the county have a stock of cakes, sweets and various specialties. Furthermore, according to the area there are specific specialties. In the Valley of Camprodon, in addition to the Birba biscuits are torn and marzipan pigs in the Valle de Ribes are the Mets and Daines and Baix Ripollès find the Moixanes or Delicias de Ripoll, among others.

Now, in addition, the Ripollès has a distinctive new product created by bakers and pastry chefs that make up the Association of Small Processors Agroalimentarios Ripollès. This product is the "Coca Ripollès" and recognizes, among other features, by choice spices.

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