Following the river La Mugueta

Following the river La Mugueta

How many times have we wanted to be seduced by nature? Or how many times we tried to be carried by the wind? And now, why do not we get carried away by the current of the river water Mugueta?

FemTurisme This month we will give the necessary information that you needed to be in harmony with nature. You only need to be willing to follow a route that will make you feel like a fish in water, which will follow the flow of the river that runs through the Mugueta municipalities of Alt Empordà Conca mainly by Roses and Castelló d'Empúries .

A route that will refresh you so hot this month. Come on!

The source of the river the Mugueta

Castelló Pond Formerly, the river the Mugueta born and emptied into two ponds and linking these two water reservoirs were close to the pond of Castello.

Despite this, with the drying up of the area, of which only remain, today, some fragments have formed coastal wetland has become a tributary of the river Muga, losing his own personality.

Since then, the river has been considered the Mugueta an arm of the Muga river, the route which runs from Castelló d'Empúries to the Gulf of Roses, where unlinked finally to the Muga or grau grau de Santa Margarida de Roses , as it was formerly.

The Parc Natural dels Aiguamolls starting point

Empordà Marshes The pond of Castello was one of the most important reservoirs in the region, especially for its extension today would, with the northern part of the Parc Natural dels Empordà Marshes. In fact, the route passes, in large part, for this area of ??natural interest.

The relationship of the river to the pond Mugueta Castelló is clear since, as we said, the road begins its flow in this space.

Either one or the other is influenced to a great extent, with the morphology, as, for example, was the Mugueta river one determinant of this pond to dry as a result of deviation from course.

For this reason, we find it convenient to start this beautiful route in this area, namely, we will in the municipality of Sant Joan Sescloses , located within the old term of Vilanova de la Muga and in which, by way Castelló, we visit the hermitage of Sant Joan Sescloses since the limited pool of Castelló, on the far west and north with the towns of Sant Joan Sescloses, Pedret Montmajor, Vilaüt and Torroelles.

The natural river path or greenway

After being able to visit the medieval hermitage of Sant Joan Sescloses and its surroundings, where to this county in the nineteenth century came still one of the ponds, we will continue our course towards Castelló d'Empúries .

Ermita de Sant Joan Sescloses We can walk along the path that runs along the side of the mill and irrigation for the people of Castelló, this road connected to the town of Palau.

In Castelló d'Empúries must visit the Gothic Basilica of Santa Maria. This is known as the Cathedral of Emporda and is the jewel of this region. Also, it is quite advisable to enter the historic core.

From Castello neighborhood depart for Empuriabrava and we will through the greenway, running along the same path the Mugueta natural river. We must remember that greenways can not pass motor vehicles.

The greenway can observe the river banks of the river and its flora and fauna.

In this way we are half way a bridge that allows us to cross the river and access to natural pond through Europe.

The European pond was created from a biological treatment of the sewage of Empuriabrava . The water that collects and creates an ideal environment suitable for many species of birds. For this reason, in this space we found different observers.

The last section, Roses

From Empuriabrava we headed Roses .

Riu la Muga All this way we will by the Gulf of Roses, called, improperly, Bay of Roses because until now, we have moved from the central coast thereof.

The Gulf coast is formed by various coastal towns, namely, Roses , Castelló d'Empúries , Sant Pere Pescador and L'Escala .

But really, the term that interests us in this section is that of Roses , in whose territory belongs from Jóncols Creek to the mouth of the Mugueta.

The Mugueta and consequently the Muga river communicated with the sea through grau de Santa Margarida. An ideal place to finish our route, we can conclude with a swim in the beaches of Roses and visit this town that hides attractive corners, especially in the monuments of the Ciutadella.

The wonderful Gulf of Roses

Golf de Roses The Gulf of Roses usually receive many compliments but it is sometimes hard to perceive their charm through the words we want to explain what we see with our eyes. Even so, there was an author of Baix Empordà, in this sense, we salío quite right. This is Josep Pla, Catalan writer through his words photographed our territory.

Among many things, a part of his time was devoted to the Gulf of Roses with the creation of this descriptive passage: "How can I possibly describe the wonders of this water engulfed? There are sunny mornings that the Gulf is a sea horned glory, snails, newts silver on a blue happy, infinite, inexpressible. There evenings calm sea listening seems dreamy melodies of this world sung by some vague siren. There are sunsets on the sea melts in a delirium of colors softened "- Wonderful Gulf of Roses, Josep Pla.

And if you still want to know more ....

If you still have interest to know more about the Muga River tributary and it can continue the path and meet your course sections. Or even move up the neck of the Muga which is where this river is born.

It is also quite rewarding visit and soak with gorjas and waterfalls that make the Muga river over by the municipalities of Sant Llorenç de la Muga d 'Albanyà.

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