Circular route in the southern section of the road from the river to Lleida

Circular route in the southern section of the road from the river to Lleida

From La Peria to the Rufea marshes, to return to where we started. Do not miss the urban tour of El Segre, more than a river for Lleida and through the Huerta de Lleida.

You will cross bridges full of legends such as the Boc de la Biterna or the Paso de la Palanca de Montoliu, where you can enjoy unparalleled views.

Along the way you will find castles and even some wetlands.

The route is 15 km long and runs from the Meandro del Segre, on the municipal border with Corbins, to the Aiguamolls de Rufea and the Butsènit hermitage, passing through the Mitjana park and crossing the city of Lleida through the park river fluvial.

It is a pedestrian and cycling route and runs along the Segre River throughout the entire municipality of Lleida. A new leisure opportunity that respects the environment and the local culture, with an easy route along the river and the Lleida orchard.

Following the path of the river, we will surely realize the value of the Segre as an ecological and territorial corridor. And it is that when we look at how the river passes, it offers us water, landscape, fauna and vegetation. If we follow it from Grenyena to Butsènit we will discover vestiges of the past: hermitages, mills, canals, ditches, orchards... Samples of the concentration of productive activities that the presence of water has caused.

We will also verify that the fluvial natural spaces such as the Meandro del Segre, the Media, the Rufea wetlands, the Butsènit patamuelles or the Media de Alcoletge, apparently separated, are physically connected by the river. Thus, the egrets that pour into the Media, then go fishing in the shallow waters of Grenyena or, also, the alders of Alcoletge, drop their seeds in the water that later germinate downstream in a curve of Butsénito.

The river path is an invitation to discover the natural, landscape, historical and cultural heritage that the river brings us..., enjoying and preserving this fluvial continuity, which begins at the source of the Segre, in the upper French Cerdanya and continues until its mouth in the river Ebro, in Mequinenza.

Paeria Palace

The Palacio de la Paeria, which houses the headquarters of the Lleida City Council, is one of the best preserved civil Catalan Romanesque buildings in Catalonia despite its successive restorations. Apart from the development of municipal political activity, it allows visits to an interior that preserves vestiges of its original uses.

middle park

La Mitjana Park is a large green space located on the edge of the city. A privileged place for observing nature, practicing sports and leisure. The river defines this Area of Natural Interest characterizing its flora and fauna. It has an Interpretation Center that offers guided tours.

Segre River

The channeling of the river made it possible to define, on both sides of the Segre, a long landscaped park that the residents of Lleida frequently use to practice sports or enjoy a relaxed day in the sun. It has several accesses from the bridges that join the two margins of the city.

Tòfol footbridge

On leaving Lleida, the river path changes shoulders through the Tòfol footbridge. At this point we can contemplate the river in its wildest habitat and we will have a different perspective of Seu Vella than usual. Gray herons often bask in the cool of the riverbeds, which at this point begin to descend a little more open and dynamic.

Torres Acequia

The Acequia de Torres, on the left bank of the River Segre and with a layout similar to the Acequia de Fontanet, owes its name to the town of Torres de Segre with which it connects to Lleida. It is a centennial ditch that is still used today for the l'Horta ditch and to supply water to various industries in the area.

Rufea wetlands

The Aiguamolls de Rufea, located near the Butsènit hermitage, are a space recovered for naturalist and educational uses that allow you to understand and enjoy the characteristics of this humid area of ecological interest from the lagoons, riparian forests and fauna that they are their own.

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