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The Vallès Oriental region is ideal for living experiences with family, friends or as a couple. Its privileged location, between the Montseny Natural Park and the Montnegre i el Corredor Park, gives us the opportunity to enjoy the most charming hiking and cycling routes in the area. The natural environment also allows us to visit active farms and unique natural spaces. Vallès Oriental offers a wide range of activities related to thermal tourism, cultural tourism, event tourism and gastronomy.

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Apropa't i viu!

Come and live, feel, savor, take care of yourself, relax, rediscover and fall in love with the beauty and uniqueness of each corner of Vallès Oriental. Enter and let yourself get lost in every corner of its 40 municipalities to rediscover from new perspectives a region with a range of activities as diverse as this one. A region with exceptional accessibility by private car, via the C-31 for those from Barcelona and via the AP-7, for those coming from the provinces of Girona, Lleida and Tarragona. And it is that in the Vallès, there are always places, stories, restaurants and routes waiting to be discovered, which becomes a good excuse to go on a weekend getaway or a day trip.


The Vallès Oriental region offers a great variety of natural landscapes very close to the city of Barcelona.

From the wide landscapes of the plain, full of hills, small depressions and streams, to abrupt places on the highest peaks of the Montseny massif. The one and the other are suitable for practicing the sport of cycling or for getting lost on trails and rural roads, a very healthy way of getting to know the country by walking on the ground.


Since ancient times, La Garriga and Caldes de Montbui have known how to take advantage of the natural gift of thermal water. The Romans discovered it and its traces can still be seen in the Roman villa of Can Terrers, in La Garriga, or in the thermal baths of Plaça de la Font del Lleó, in Caldes. Currently, the effectiveness of thermalism can be verified in the different spas that offer from the most advanced therapies to the most longed for rest.


The great bourgeoisie of Barcelona at the beginning of the 20th century made summertime fashionable. “A box in the Liceu and a tower in Cardedeu”, it was said then. Those families were looking for a cool corner of summer in splendid mansions that they commissioned from renowned architects, who in summer towns in the region such as Cardedeu, La Garriga, Figaró-Montmany and Ametlla almost always had a single name: Manuel Joaquim Raspall, one of the the pioneers of Catalan architectural modernism. The four villas that make up the Raspall de La Garriga block are his most important work.


The Vallès Oriental has always been a land of passage for those who wandered through Catalonia. The permeability of Catalan culture has favored the contribution of products and techniques to its cuisine, a variation of culinary concepts that, with the novelties of our times, have configured a traditional -based cuisine full of modern touches. These, which come from the most avant-garde chefs, give each dish a new vision of cooking, adapted to the tastes and demands of today's people.

In the restaurants we always find the freshest and best selected products from the garden, with the mongeta del ganxet as the star product. The production of quality food products such as cheeses, wines, sausages, honey or nuts, made in the region, is taking root strongly and gives added value to the gastronomy of our region.

In the kitchens of the establishments in the region, all styles and traditions come together. Therefore, for those of you who wish to visit Vallès Oriental, in search of new gastronomic experiences, you cannot miss this accurate summary of the most representative restaurants in the region.

For the more daring, the website also offers you the chance to cook the best recipes from each chef at home.

We encourage you to visit the region through the best gastronomy, while you also enjoy its landscape or other activities related to leisure and culture.

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Vallès Oriental

Cardedeu is a municipality in the comarca of Vallès Oriental. Its name has taken several confusions, but it seems that derives from Car (quer) de Déu…

Sant Fost de Campsentelles

Vallès Oriental

In hilly and wooded area the nucleus of Sant Fost de Campsentelles was formed. The Conreria, the Nave and the Great Forest in Torrents surrounded for centuries…

La Garriga

Vallès Oriental

La Garriga is one of those towns that allow us to understand the landscape that surrounds it and the uses that its inhabitants have made. Its potential as a spa…

Santa Maria de Palautordera

Vallès Oriental

Santa Maria de Palautordera is a municipality located in the eastern part of Vallès Oriental, a beautiful town located in the Tordera River Valley, which…

Santa Eulàlia de Ronçana

Vallès Oriental

Santa Eulalia de Ronçana is a municipality of 14 km2 that is located in the western end of the Vallès Oriental region, in the basin of the Tenes River,…

Sant Celoni

Vallès Oriental

Sant Celoni is a municipality in Vallès Oriental that stands out for its privileged geographical location. The municipality, with an extension of 64.4 km²,…


Vallès Oriental

The hill of Tagamanent, that "very high peak and difficult to access", as it was said in the 19th century, is the best known point of an eminently mountainous municipality,…

Mollet del Vallès

Vallès Oriental

Mollet del Vallès has an area of 10.72 km 2 and just over 51,000 inhabitants. It is located 20 km from the city of Barcelona, being the main core of the…


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