Travel Europe: The 5 best motorhome trips

Travel Europe: The 5 best motorhome trips

Traveling around Europe in a motorhome is not just a means of transport, it is a true philosophy of life. It is an invitation to freedom, adventure and self-discovery, with the opportunity to marvel at breathtaking landscapes, savor delicious local food and meet people from all over the world. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or new to exploring about four wheels, planning your route is an essential step to get the most out of your experience.

In this article, we'll walk you through five of the best motorhome trips Europe has to offer. From the majesty of the Norwegian fjords and the cultural splendor of Italy, to the historic castles of France, the sun-drenched vineyards of Spain and the breathtaking mountains of Romania, we've handpicked itineraries that offer stunning diversity and a wealth of unforgettable experiences.

Each road trip is unique and has its charm, but they all have something in common: the opportunity to experience moments of pure happiness surrounded by nature, connect with the history and culture of the places visited, and create memories that will last a lifetime..

So, get ready to pack your bags, fill up the gas tank and let yourself be seduced by the irresistible charm of the European roads. Welcome to the adventure of your life. Welcome to the wonderful world of motorhome travel.

1. The fjord road, Norway

A motorhome trip through Norway is an unforgettable experience and the Fjord Route is undoubtedly one of the best routes to follow. At nearly 1,100 kilometres, this journey offers an incredible diversity of landscapes, from high mountains to calm fjords, lush forests and cascading waterfalls.


The perfect starting point for this adventure is the charming city of Bergen. Known for its colorful houses, lively fish market and rich cultural heritage, Bergen is the perfect introduction to what Norway has to offer. From there, take the E16 road to Voss and Gudvangen, where you can board a ferry for a cruise on the Nærøyfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

After this maritime experience, continue your journey to Flåm, a picturesque town nestled in the void of a spectacular fjord. Here you can take the famous Flåm railway, one of the steepest and most beautiful railway lines in the world.

Next, head north on Route 5 to reach the Geiranger Fjord, another UNESCO World Heritage Site. With its deep blue waters and rugged cliffs, it's a sight not to be missed.

Best time to visit and park

The best time to do this roadtrip is in summer, when the days are long and the temperatures are milder. However, Norway has a certain charm in winter, when the landscapes are covered in snow and the northern lights illuminate the night sky. When it comes to parking your motorhome, Norway has plenty of motorhome parks and service areas. However, always respect nature and local regulations.

Motorhome rental in Norway

There are many companies that offer campervan rentals in Norway. For example, Motorhomeland offers a wide range of vehicles for all budgets and needs. With their help, you can enjoy the beauty of Norway at your own pace and on your terms.

In conclusion, the fjord route in Norway is a dream trip for all motorhome lovers. With its spectacular scenery, numerous activities and respect for nature, this is a route not to be missed on your next motorhome adventure in Europe.

2. The Grand Tour of Italy

The Grand Tour of Italy offers a unique motorhome travel experience. This journey takes you through the most emblematic regions of Italy, from picturesque Tuscany to the sunny Amalfi Coast, passing through the fascinating Rome and the calm lakes of the north.


Start your trip in Milan, the capital of fashion, then go to Lake Como to admire the natural beauty of this region. Then continue south to Tuscany, where you can visit Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, and Siena, known for its famous horse race, the Palio.

From there, head east to discover the Umbria region, with its medieval hilltop villages and verdant landscapes. Next, head to Rome, the 'Eternal City', where ancient history and modern life collide.

After Rome, head south to the Amalfi Coast, with its rugged cliffs, blazing waters, and charming villages. End your trip in the Puglia region, known for its trulli, these white houses with conical roofs.

Best time to visit and park

Spring and fall are the best seasons for a road trip to Italy, when temperatures are pleasant and crowds are less. As for parking, Italy has many service areas for motorhomes. Remember to adhere to local parking regulations.

Motorhome rental in Italy

If you do not have a motorhome, several companies in Italy offer van and motorhome rentals to allow you to explore the country in a unique and comfortable way. These companies offer a wide selection of vehicles, suitable for different budgets and needs, to make your trip to Italy unforgettable.

With its cultural and scenic diversity, the Grand Tour of Italy is an unforgettable motorhome adventure. Get ready to discover a nation rich in history, art, cuisine, and breathtaking landscapes.

3. Route of the Loire Castles, France

The Route des Châteaux de Loire by motorhome is an invitation to travel through French history and culture. Known as the "Garden of France," this region is famous for its majestic castles, renowned vineyards, and picturesque river landscapes.

Itinerary and must-see castles

The ideal starting point for this roadtrip is the city of Orleans. From there, head south and begin your journey through history with the Château de Chambord, the largest of the Loire châteaux, known for its impressive Renaissance architecture.

Next, continue to Chenonceau, often known as the "château des damas" for the important role women played in its design and upkeep. Don't miss the Château de Amboise, the last home of Leonardo da Vinci.

Continuing south, you'll come to the Château d'Angers, famous for its series of medieval tapestries called the Apocalypse Tapestry.

Best time to visit and park

Spring is an excellent time to visit the Loire, when the château's gardens are in full bloom. As far as parking is concerned, many castles have parking areas for motorhomes, and the region has several well-equipped campsites.

local gastronomy

Loire is also famous for its gastronomy. Be sure to try the local goat cheese, Loire wines, and tarte tatin, a specialty of the region.

The Route des Châteaux de la Loire offers an enriching experience, combining history, architecture, magnificent landscapes and delicious gastronomy. This is an essential trip for all motorhome enthusiasts in Europe.


4. Wine Route of Andalusia, Spain

Andalusia is a region of breathtaking beauty, known for its glorious sunshine, delicious cuisine and, of course, its exceptional wines. The Andalusian Wine Route by motorhome offers you the unique opportunity to discover this fascinating region while tasting some of the best wines in Spain.

Itinerary and vineyards not to be missed

Begin your trip to Seville, a city full of history and culture. From there, head southwest to Jerez de la Frontera, known for its sherry. Visit one of its many wineries for a wine tasting.

Then continue south to the Montilla-Moriles region, where you can sample the local wine, similar to sherry but made from different types of grapes.

Next, head east towards the region of Ronda, with its picturesque vineyards set in spectacular gorges. Do not miss a visit to one of the region's wineries to taste the local red wines.

Best time to visit and park

Autumn is an excellent time to visit Andalusia, when the temperatures are milder and the vineyards are in full harvest. When it comes to parking, Andalusia offers many motorhome areas as well as many campsites.

local gastronomy

Andalusia is also famous for its cuisine, especially its tapas. Be sure to try the patatas bravas, the prawns in garlic sauce and the Andalusian gazpacho.

The Andalusian Wine Route offers an unforgettable experience, combining stunning landscapes, delicious cuisine and exceptional wines. This is a must drive for any wine and RV enthusiast.

5. The journey through the Carpathian Mountains, Romania

Romania is a hidden gem of Europe, with a wealth of natural landscapes, cultural traditions, and historical sites. A motorhome trip through the Carpathian Mountains allows you to discover the rugged beauty and rich history of this amazing country.

Itinerary and viewpoints in the mountain

Start your trip in Bucharest, the bustling capital of Romania. From there, it goes north to Brasov, a charming medieval city at the foot of the Carpathians.
Next, head west to reach the Retezat National Park, one of the most beautiful in Romania, with spectacular mountain views, crystal clear lakes, and abundant wildlife.
Do you continue your way north to reach Maramure?, a region that preserves a traditional rural way of life. It is here that you will find the famous and unique joyful cemeteries of Sapanta.

Best time to visit and park

The best time of the year to visit Romania is in summer, when the days are long and the temperatures are pleasant. As for parking, Romania has many well-equipped campsites and many picturesque places to park your motorhome.

History and culture

Romania is rich in history and culture, with medieval castles, painted churches and living folk traditions. Be sure to visit Bran Castle, often associated with the legendary Dracula.
A road trip through the Carpathian Mountains to Romania offers an adventure off the beaten track, with spectacular scenery, fascinating history, and rich culture. It is a route to discover for any fan of motorhomes looking for a unique experience in Europe.

6. Conclusion

In short, traveling by motorhome in Europe is a unique and exciting adventure, offering a new perspective on the landscapes, culture and history of this diverse continent. Whether you're drawn to the wild beauty of the Norwegian fjords, the cultural richness of Italy, the majesty of French castles, the sunny ambiance of Spain, or the authentic charm of Romania, there's a road trip here. It is an authentic, flexible and satisfying way to experience Europe. So don't wait any longer, dare the adventure of a motorhome trip through Europe. You will not regret.

To prepare your adventure, you can consult Park4Night to find parking spaces.


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