Giveaway: Mona Foundation

Giveaway: Mona Foundation

This May, a very special raffle awaits you. and the Mona Foundation want to raise awareness about the problems faced by primates. Do you know what chimpanzees like to eat? Do you know how they laugh or how can we know that they are sad? Come to know in Bongo, Africa, the story of Nic, the trip of Coco and many others.

The chimps and macaques that live in MONA are seizure animals that have had a very difficult or even cruel past. Many of them were used for the show. Others were raised by human families as if they were children, until when they grew up they became uncontrollable and were locked in small cages. All of them were separated from their mothers at an early age and did not have the opportunity to establish social ties with their peers. They never came to understand what they really are: wild animals or humans.

The isolation, loneliness and regrettable treatment of their previous caregivers have caused physical and psychological problems for those who are trying to recover with a new life at MONA Foundation.

That is why we want to raffle 4 gift vouchers to come to MONA to do the xympathetic visit and a Mona game so that the whole family can play together and learn about primates

Stories that make a tear fall but end with a smile!

You have until May 31 to participate!

Despite the exceptional situation we are currently experiencing in Catalonia, you can participate in this raffle. We want to help make confinement lighter. The award can be enjoyed when it returns to normality and according to the availability of the event and the establishment. If any news arises, we will publish it in this news as soon as possible.

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