From Barcelona to the Costa Brava, let's set sail!

From Barcelona to the Costa Brava, let's set sail!

Barcelona is one of the most charming cities when it comes to choosing a place to spend a weekend to relax and unwind. In fact, there are many activities that can be carried out to escape, and the best, without a doubt, are those that have to do with navigation. What's more, renting a sailboat in Barcelona is a great idea to spend a day disconnecting, but, above all, if you want to discover the city in a different and original way.

In this way, there are many activities that you can carry out if you visit Barcelona, although we will comment on some that will help you discover its surroundings, focusing on navigation, as it is a unique and original way of admiring what it offers with your loved ones.

Sailing on a sailboat contemplating the city

There are several options to choose from when deciding to discover Barcelona through the sea. First we will talk about the advantages of renting a sailboat and contemplating the city.
Sailing on a sailboat is like taking a walk contemplating Barcelona, but in a very special way. What's more, on a sailboat it's not just about sailing, but you can enjoy a unique experience, due to the variety of offers you'll find. From being able to attend the sunset, to tasting dishes or spending a pleasant time accompanied by music, while enjoying the coastline or seeing the Skyline. In addition, when renting it you will have several time ranges so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Visit the Costa del Maresme and the Costa Brava

Well communicated with both Girona and Barcelona, the Costa del Maresme is one of the perfect locations to spend the day. In it, you will find a wide range of leisure activities that range from shops to different recreational activities, such as escape rooms or water parks. Therefore, it is a place to have a good time, or to disconnect, because it has various beaches for different tastes or needs, such as a beach for dogs where you can go with your inseparable companion.

But, if we look at the sea, on this coast we can also rent a boat to spend a few hours of relaxation and fun. The nautical offer is adapted to all types of public, so you will not only be able to sail, you will also be able to practice water sports and even practice scuba diving.

If you are traveling with a group of friends or with your family, renting a catamaran on the Costa Brava is a great option to have a good time on the water. Just a few hours from Barcelona, on the Costa Brava we will find an infinite number of activities to spend the day. The idea of sailing from Barcelona to here is very suitable for those who want to spend a few days with family and friends on board. However, if you rent a boat directly here you will be able to enjoy everything that this magnificent coast has to offer. Not only will you be able to enjoy recreational activities, such as the water park, or gastronomy, you will also be able to do nautical tourism through its crystal clear waters. At this point, it should be noted that different routes can be taken, such as kayaking and snorkeling, or sailing or catamaran.

Of course, if you prefer to spend a weekend disconnecting, as we have already indicated, you can always rent a boat yourself in one of the many ports that this coast has. The catamaran, for example, is perfect for groups of friends and large families, as it is a boat that offers greater stability and is more comfortable for large groups. In addition, they can be rented with or without a skipper, so you don't have to worry about a thing and you can completely relax. Once rented, you will be able to practice water sports and visit the Costa Brava discovering its incredible landscapes and immortalizing them in photographs.

Visit Barcelona and taste its gastronomy

Spending a weekend on a boat is a safe bet to live unique experiences and be able to disconnect. The wide range of nautical and water activities will ensure that you never get bored and that these days will be unforgettable for you and your family or friends. However, if in addition to enjoying the sea you want to do a bit of tourism, don't forget to visit the city of Barcelona, which exudes culture in every corner you go to. There, in addition to the typical monuments that you can find in any guide, you have a very interesting gastronomic and leisure offer, so do not hesitate to take advantage of it.

In short, if you are thinking of spending a weekend in Barcelona and you want it to be unique and special, do not hesitate to sail along the coast and reach the Costa del Maresme or the Costa Brava. The sea will give you that peace and fun you need in a dream setting that combines culture, scenery and leisure.


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