Enter Espinelves!

Enter Espinelves!

Espinelves is a charming town located in the Osona region, in the province of Barcelona. This small town is deeply rooted in Catalan history and culture, offering visitors a unique experience full of traditions, natural beauty and architectural heritage.

History of Espinelves

The history of Espinelves dates back to medieval times, as demonstrated by its architecture and archaeological remains. The town was an important point during the Middle Ages, located on a road that linked different regions of Catalonia. This gave Espinelves a strategic position for trade and communication between different areas. Its medieval heritage can still be seen today through its narrow streets and stone houses.

Natural environment

Espinelves is surrounded by the magnificent nature of the Osona region. Located in the Montseny mountain range, the town is surrounded by lush forests, crystal-clear rivers and impressive biodiversity. This natural environment makes Espinelves an ideal place for outdoor lovers, offering a wide range of activities such as hiking, mountain biking and bird watching.

Holidays and traditions

One of the most notable festivals in Espinelves is the Fir Fair, which is celebrated at the beginning of December. This fair attracts visitors from all over Catalonia to buy Christmas trees and enjoy the festive atmosphere. The fair also includes a display of local artisan products, gastronomy and traditional Catalan music.

Espinelves also celebrates other traditional Catalan festivities, such as Sant Jordi Day, where the streets are filled with book and rose stalls, and Castañada, a festival that marks the arrival of autumn with roasted chestnuts and panellets.


The gastronomy of Espinelves is a delicious mix of Catalan traditions and mountain influences. Typical dishes include grilled meats, local sausages and artisanal cheeses. One of the most representative dishes is "coca de llardons", a sweet cake filled with sugar syrup and pork rinds. Additionally, mushrooms are a very popular ingredient in the area, especially during the fall season.

Places of interest

Espinelves not only offers natural beauty, but also several places of interest that are worth visiting. The Church of Sant Vicenç, Romanesque style, is one of the most emblematic buildings in the town. This church stands out for its simplicity and beauty, with architectural elements dating from the 12th century.

The Forest School is another place of interest in Espinelves. This space offers a look at the history of forestry in the region, showing ancient tools and explanations about forest management.

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