We make room escapes

We make room escapes

The Room Escapes are real team adventure games in which you have to solve a series of puzzles, problems or riddles to escape from the physical room where you are located. Each Escape Room recreates its space that can go from a jail in a train station, or through offices and floors. Depending on the space where they are developed, we can find terror, mystery or others that simply focus on the ingenuity of the participants. Of course, they all have a time limit to unravel the doubts raised and escape from space. Only the best teams to work together get it. You are one of them?

We find the origin of the Room Escapes linked to the eastern world, specifically in Japan. It was there that a young man of 35 years recreated the first game of the year 2008. From that moment, the idea was spreading to reach the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South America and, for a few years now, in Europe.

Entering and especially leaving an Escape Room is aimed at a very wide audience. Not only is it intended for friends or family, but it is also intended for those work teams that want to strengthen group cohesion and increase confidence or simply to consolidate and confirm the proper functioning of a group.

Each Escape Room has its own characteristics, but they are usually resolved in groups. Today, Catalonia already has a good handful of Escapes Rooms that expect to receive groups of people prepared to solve all the mysteries they have prepared and, it is clear that only the fastest will achieve the goal: escape.

Do not turn. Make a group, choose an Escape Room and find the exit!


Lock-Clock Escape room


An Escape Room is much more than a game, it is a…

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Fix the History


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Xplore Girona - Escape Room Urbà


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Escape Hunt Barcelona


With free drink! You will enjoy a great experience in the largest…

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Ànima de Natura


Through different experiences in nature, among which there are nature baths that…

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The Rombo Code


The Rombo Code is an escape room in Barcelona, located very close…

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La Clau Room Escape


Find a group of 2 to 6 people and enjoy for 1…

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