Girona's greenways

Girona's greenways

To get to know a territory it is important to be able to savor it little by little, which allows us the pace of a walk or bicycle ride. Each trip is unique. Each discovery is a learning experience, an accumulation of experiences. We invite you to travel with us through the Pre-Pyrenees, using Girona's greenways and discovering the surrounding municipalities, and the character and history of the towns and their people.


There is nothing like the Greenways of Girona to safely enjoy cycling with the best company and in an exclusive natural environment, which apart from being an activity carried out daily by local residents, is a claim for cyclists from all over the world. the world who want to enjoy their favorite sport next to the Girona Pyrenees and the Costa Brava.

The routes of the old train tracks that linked the towns of the Pyrenees and the Costa Brava and their industries, currently in disuse, have been converted into cycling and hiking itineraries and are today a well-kept network of   Greenways. It has up to 11 routes, with gentle slopes and different degrees of demand. Thus, you will be able to visit different areas traveling more than 200 km without having to keep an eye on the circulation of vehicles, and dedicate yourself solely to enjoying life from the bicycle.

The secrets of the greenways

The new app of the Greenways Secrets aims to promote and improve the interpretation of the territory through which the greenways pass. The idea is to publicize cultural and natural heritage elements that add value to the routes, generate economic impact in the different municipalities and promote elements that are currently little known by visitors despite their heritage value.

It is a living project, and in the process of growth, and they want to introduce new routes and discover new "secrets".

Secrets can be identified from the green lanes with signs containing their specific logo. On their website or in the app you will find all the information to follow the routes.

Route of the Carrilet from Olot to Girona

The Ruta del Carrilet is an exclusive route for pedestrians and cyclists that takes advantage of the route of the old narrow-gauge train that linked Olot with Girona.…

Route through the fields of Esclet in Cassà de la Selva

Difficulty level: Easy Total distance: 12km Starting point: Station The route through the fields of Esclet is a route marked by the light and the colors of the…

Route of Carrilet I of Olot in Girona

The Carrilet I Route crosses three counties and twelve towns, as well as places of great scenic, ecological and cultural importance, through its 54 km of compacted…

Route of Carrilet II of Girona in Sant Feliu de Guíxols

The Ruta del Carrilet has a route of 41.9 km, with a gentle slope from Girona to Sant Feliu de Guíxols (15 m), and reaches the highest point in Cassà…

Route through the Ripollès Greenways

Route: Campdevànol – Ripoll – San Juan de las Abadesas – San Pablo de Segúries Start: Campdevànol Church Square End: Sant…

Carrilet II adapted route: from Girona to Sant Feliu de Guíxols

With almost 40 kilometers in total and a constant gentle slope from Girona to Sant Feliu de Guíxols, the Ruta del Carrilet transports us from the capital…

Path through the Capçana lock in Cassà de la Selva

Difficulty level: Easy Overall distance: 5.9km Starting point: Station It is an ideal route to do with the family in the hottest months. The Capçana or Verneda…

Petit Train Route, a greenway for the whole family

Route: Palamós - Palafrugell Start: Depending on the preferences of the users Route: Linear Distance: 6 km + 1km branch in Playa Castillo Difficulty: Low…

Circular route through the south of Gironès

Route: Girona - Quart - Llambilles - Cassà de la Selva - Sant Andreu Salou - Campllong - Fornells - Girona Start: Girona Route: Circular Distance: 37.5km…

Les Masies Greenway Route

The Les Masies route joins the municipalities of Vilablareix and Aiguaviva, and connects with Girona Airport, in the municipality of Vilobí de Onyar. Kilometers:…

Circular route pedaling between cork oaks and hot springs

Route: Girona – Cassà de la Selva – Caldes de Malavella (return to Girona by train) Start: Girona Station End: Caldes de Malavella train station…


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