At Christmas, enjoy the Pastorets

At Christmas, enjoy the Pastorets

During the Christmas holidays, the tradition of representing the Pastorets continues in most of the towns and neighborhoods of Catalonia. They mobilize thousands of theater fans and also thousands of families as spectators.

Pastorets are one of the most deeply rooted Christmas traditions in our country. They are a play, and their natural place of representation is on stage. The basis of the performance is a theatrical text that is inspired by the Gospel account of Christmas, often written in verse and with a well-defined dramatic structure. These texts incorporate many different artistic elements that complement its structure and present it to the viewer as a complete show. The music, the dance, the special effects, or the great scenographies, are administered in particular doses, giving personality to each one of the representations that you will experience during the Christmas weeks in Catalonia.

In current times these representations are a meeting point for the diverse generations and the diverse origins that make up our society, they are constantly transforming and feeding on new contributions year after year.

Staging some Pastorets is a common project of a town, an entity or a group that temporarily unites with this objective.

This Christmas, discover the Pastorets in Catalonia!

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Los Pastorets de Súria


The Christmas tradition of Los Pastorets de Súria begins at the end of the 19th century. They stand out for the fidelity to the text of Josep Maria Folch,…

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Ripoll Pastorets


The Ripoll County Theater hosts these Christmas parties representing the Pastorets. 3 sessions are organized with passes at several hours. Do not miss it!

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The Pastorets of Balsareny


The Pastorets of always, now renewed to make them more agile respecting the essence: with angels and demons, shepherds and shepherds, in Jeremiah with his donkey…

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The Pastorets of Ulldecona


In 1981 we launched for the first time this show dedicated mainly to children and that belongs to the Catalan Costumari of the Christmas holidays. Around 50 actors…

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The Shepherds in Mataró


Los Pastorcillos de Mataró, a centenary show, returns this holiday season. About 400 people make possible a montage directed by Marco Molina. Angels, demons…

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The Pastorets de Santpedor


A collective of people of all ages and from different entities have come together to bring for the sixth time in a row one of the most traditional representations…

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The Pastorets of Viver i Serrateix

Viver i Serrateix

With the Christmas holidays, the Pastorets de Viver i Serrateix return the Social Center of the town. Do not miss this tradition!  

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The Pastorets of the Ametlla de Merola


The Pastorets de la Ametlla de Merola are one of the oldest Pastorets in Catalonia. A perfect show for these Christmas parties. Do not miss!

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