Catalonia, land of castles

Catalonia, land of castles

Crossing Catalonia from end to end we will see that there are still many vestiges of the ancient civilizations that have inhabited our territory. A good example are the castles, towers, fortifications and other constructions created in medieval times at high and high points with the aim of monitoring and alerting to possible attacks and conquests.

It was not until the 9th century, with the reconquest of the Muslim-occupied territories, that the feudal castle spread . An estimated 3,000 were built, most of which are demolished. Few castles of Islamic origin have been preserved, in fact most were transformed by Christians. From the 9th century the castles were located on lines determined by the borders of the conquered territories following rivers, such as the Cardener and Gaià lines, in the Segarra or the Montsec.

In Catalonia there are about six hundred castles and fortresses scattered throughout the territory. Many of them have been preserved and have reached our days transformed into museums and interpretation centers that we can visit to understand a little more about who they were and how our ancestors lived.

Ready to take a trip to medieval Catalonia? So let's get inside the castles that await us in Catalonia.

Castle to Castle Route: Penyafort to Castellet in Santa Margarida…

Route of the castles in Catalonia

Route around the Montgrí Castle

La Segarra, land of castles

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Route through the small villages of Alt Freser

Route of Bellprat the Castle of Queralt

Montgrí Castle from Torroella (circular)

Medieval castles in the vicinity of Montgrí

Road to the Roset Castle in Vilada

Route of the medieval castles near the Gaia river

Castle-hare and Roc de Rumbau in Peramola

Route through the Torres de Fals in Fonollosa

Route of the Castles of Sió

Castells branded itinerary

Route through the Sierra de las Torretes and the Castillo de…

Route of the Cercavins

Way of the Old Castle of Olivella

Land of Tramuntana

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