Sports tourism


Sport has become a key element in today's society in recent years. For this reason, sport is more linked than ever to tourism, combining tourist activity with sports.

Tourism and sport have become leisure activities, increasingly favoring the production of tourist packages specialized in sports activities carried out in nature.

Catalonia is a territory with an endless sports offer that grows year after year and that ranges from the sports with the most followers and practitioners such as soccer, basketball, handball, roller hockey, to adventure sports that allow the release of all adrenaline or water sports that bring us to discover a totally different landscape from the one we are used to.

The quality of the tourist offer and the excellent sports facilities that it has, added to its climatic and natural characteristics, make Catalonia an ideal destination for practicing different sports. In each of the four Catalan provinces we find different spaces and companies focused on sports tourism, with a wide variety of sports activities and sporting events throughout the year.

The practice of sports is essential for a society such as that of Catalonia from the outpouring of social cohesion, the increase in levels of health and well-being, the creation of job opportunities, the generation of economic wealth and the promotion of the territory.

Sports tourism is inclusive and fosters the participation of the whole family, from the youngest to the adults, including people with health problems and people with some type of physical and mental disability.

If you are an adventurous person, you like to travel and experience new sensations in unfamiliar terrain and places, you fit the profile of the sports tourist.

Have you already chosen the next sports experience?

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