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In Catalonia we have a wide variety of landscapes and natural spaces, to enjoy during all times of the year. We can go closer or further, but we are lucky to live in a country surrounded by mountains and with a very varied natural environment, with many natural parks that provide marked itineraries for all levels of difficulty, and many guided or self-guided excursion initiatives., with discovery and learning activities. You just have to spend a little time looking for the options that we have around us according to our preferences and possibilities.

Catalan geography is an open window to natural wealth, in its protected areas and in its ecotourism offer. We can stroll through natural parks, which house representative species of fauna and flora, make short or long-distance itineraries, visit the most emblematic trees that are part of the natural heritage of the territory and delve into the heritage of the towns and villages that we find.

Now, the best way to get an experience of connection with nature is through environmental awareness. Some of the actions that we do in our day-to-day work affect the environment directly and especially negatively. When we walk, do sports or discover new places in nature, we must take into account small actions, with beneficial consequences for the environment to continue conserving and preserving it.

We propose a trip to delve into the natural environment, far from overcrowding, that brings you closer to listening to the silence of the valleys, the flow of the rivers and disconnecting, to connect strongly with nature. A much-needed reconnection after the weeks of exceptionalism and confinement we have experienced, affordable for all budgets and where the whole family will enjoy.

Are you ready and ready?

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