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The fast pace of our lives makes us easily forget that simply spending time with family is really important. Our time is one of the best things we can share with those we love. Therefore, now more than ever, it is time to reconnect with the family and start planning the next joint activities and outings to enjoy Catalonia.

One of the options available to us is to rediscover the cultural and historical heritage of our country, learn about and follow in the footsteps of our ancestors through museums, archaeological sites, castles and unique buildings, or even through medieval fairs.

If you prefer to go out into nature, after these months of confinement, good news is communicated. In our we have a large number of quite unknown natural spaces to visit, learn, play sports and even soak them during the hottest days.

If you want to tread green, smell the earth, see clear skies and also stroll among the native fauna and flora, we suggest that you enter the natural parks of our country, a window to the world in its purest form.

And if you prefer to live a day of strong emotions and fun, theme parks are the best choice. The emotions will be guaranteed and will leave a good number of anecdotes to tell on the way back.

Here we discover all the proposals, many of them free and suitable for all budgets.

A trip to prehistory

We propose a trip to learn about the life of our ancestors and ancestors and the adaptation strategies to the natural environment that they used to survive. We…

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Activities with animals for the family

We want you to enjoy with the whole family surrounded by nature and animals, while also getting to know new corners. That is why we propose a compilation of proposals…

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Bet on Catalan

The first cinematographic filming in Catalonia was made by Fructuoso Gelabert, filmmaker and inventor, considered the founder of Catalan and Spanish cinematography.…

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Catalonia, land of castles

Crossing Catalonia from end to end we will see that there are still many vestiges of the ancient civilizations that have inhabited our territory. A good example…

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Guided tours of the towns and cities of Catalonia

Can you think of a better way to discover the secrets, traditions, and curiosities of the towns and cities of Catalonia than through guided tours? In matters of…

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Rediscover Gaudí's architecture

In Catalonia Modernism developed throughout the 1930s, between 1885 and 1920 and has dimensions and a special personality that means that we can find manifestations…

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Stroll through the natural parks

Natural parks are natural marine or land spaces that enjoy special legal protection against human action. Catalonia is a territory rich in nature reserves and parks.…

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Taste the sweetest Catalonia

The most typical and well-known dishes of Catalan cuisine are the cocido, the escalivada, the escaixada, the beans with butifarra, the drowned beans, the cannelloni,…

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The theme parks of Catalonia

It will be for the adrenaline of the most spectacular roller coasters, or for the fantasy of the parades, or the magic of the best attractions, but the truth is…

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Travel to the past through medieval fairs

Medieval fairs have become an annual tradition in many Catalan towns that take the opportunity to transform and disguise themselves of the time. They make us travel…

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Water and nature to enjoy with the five senses

Water is key to life, for people, animals... for everything around us. In most towns and cities in Catalonia we find different water points; spaces of great ecological…

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Water parks for a refreshing summer

This summer we recommend that you enjoy a unique aquatic experience in some of the best water parks in Catalonia. Enjoy the best water attractions in the Catalan…

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We go to museums in Catalonia

Catalonia has always been an area of great artists, of which some of their works collected in museums are preserved. On the other hand, our territory has witnessed…

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Returns to the origins with visits to villages and archaeological…

Catalonia has a very rich and diverse cultural heritage. Throughout the country we find monuments and sites that preserve our memory as a society. You can visit…

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The passage of the Roman Empire through Catalonia

The fight that the Romans and Carthaginians had for control of the Mediterranean in the late 3rd century BC led to the Second Punic War. In 218 BC the Romans landed…

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Raffle: Mona Foundation

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Giveaway: Win a bike tour and wine tasting

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What do we put on our table?

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Come Sail on a Sailboat

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100.00 € 65.00 €


Morandi. Infinite Resonance in La Pedrera

04/02/2022 - 22/05/2022

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Half Empuriabrava in "Castelló d'Empúries"

21/05/2022 - 22/05/2022

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