Music is the universal language, an art that expresses itself through the combination of sounds, with melody, harmony, rhythm and timbre as constitutive elements. Be surprised by the musical proposals of our territory; Festivals, concerts, musicals... and much more!

Classical music in Catalonia

A large number of instruments in perfect harmony with each other, a sophisticated and virtuosic melody, a balanced rhythm and tempo and notes in perfect harmony.…

Enjoy the Ancient Music Festival of the Pyrenees

Every summer, the Pyrenees Early Music Festival (FeMAP) brings music to the Pyrenees. The participating municipalities host some fifty concerts by renowned groups…

Get closer to the Catalan choral movement

The songs often tell us the history of the peoples. Through what we sing and have heard sing we could describe facts, adventures and misadventures that tell us…

Let's go to concert

Feeling the first live agreements of your favorite artist on stage is magical. Live music evokes, excites and transmits as few things get it in life. The truth…

The musical theater in Catalonia

A musical or musical play is a form of theater that combines music, song, dance, and dialogue. The emotional content of the story as well as the story itself is…

Traveling to Cuba through music: Las habaneras

The meu avi goes to Cuba Aboard the 'Català' The greatest warship... Now it's your turn! How does the stanza end? Those of you who don't know the answer…

Vibrate with the best festivals

A music festival is a type of cultural festival or event that tries to bring together a large number of music concerts for several days and generally of the same…


Raffle: Win a 10-minute karting session for 2 people at the…

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Raffle: tickets to the Church of Colonia Pons

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Dramatized guided tour: Hildesind, a journey through time in…

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4,00 €

Roses Family Tour

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Show "Una Nit amb Abelló" in Mollet del Vallès


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Espurnes Barroques Festival in Vallfogona de Riucorb


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