Catalonia fairs

Catalonia fairs

The offer of fairs in Catalonia is wide and diversified, we find medieval, gastronomic, livestock, artisans, antiques... Some with a long journey in the back and others who are just looking for a place in the calendar. But all of them deserve to be visited, do you accompany us?

Craft fairs where you can get unique and soulful products

Catalonia has a wide fair offer spread throughout the territory. Crafts have been introduced in markets that have another specialization and where many times you…

Discover the Weekly Markets of Catalonia!

Catalonia is a country full of life and colour, and its weekly markets are a sample of this vitality. In many towns and cities in the region, weekly markets are…

Gastronomic fairs to taste Catalonia

A gastronomic fair is a gastronomic festival that brings together a set of public events in the form of a market, fair or offer of products or dishes that revolves…

Live the essence of livestock fairs

Livestock farming encompasses all the activities related to livestock farming and trade. In many towns and cities of Catalonia, where this sector is and has historically…

Stroll through the multi-sector fairs of Catalonia

Catalonia is a territory with a very strong commercial and business fabric. This is demonstrated by the large number of multi-sector fairs that are organized in…

Travel back in time with antiques fairs

Religious art, decorative art, numismatics, books, old paper, silverware, old fashion jewelry, old watches, toys, dolls, cameras, vintage records... These are some…

Travel to the past through medieval fairs

Medieval fairs have become an annual tradition in many Catalan towns that take the opportunity to transform and disguise themselves of the time. They make us travel…


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