On the road through Catalonia

On the road through Catalonia

On foot, by car, by motorcycle, by water, by train or by bicycle! Join us to know Catalonia from north to south through routes, itineraries and getaways full of charm.

Caminos de Ronda on the Catalan coast

Along the entire Catalan coast, there are no more spectacular walks than the Ronda trails, an extraordinary route for both small coves, vertigo cliffs and charming…

Go hiking and discover Catalonia on foot

Hiking is a physical activity that consists of walking outdoors, generally following marked paths or trails to enjoy nature, landscapes and its elements of historical…

Greenways accessible to all

The greenways allow you to enjoy nature and tourism in a comfortable and attractive way and are currently adapted to access for all. Most of these itineraries have…

Guided tours of the towns and cities of Catalonia

Can you think of a better way to discover the secrets, traditions, and curiosities of the towns and cities of Catalonia than through guided tours? In matters of…

Motorcycle trips in Catalonia

Catalonia its curves and its cliffs are a must in the GPS of any motorcycle lover. Both on the coast and in the interior of the Catalan regions and its mountains…

Mountain crossings in Catalonia

Feel the mountain in a special and unique way, this is what you will experience when you enter the Pre-Pyrenees and Catalan Pyrenees mountain crossings. These types…

The Cistercian Route, a genuine combination of nature, heritage…

Between fields of cereals, almond trees, vineyards and olive trees crossed by ancestral and historical paths guarded by dry stone huts and stone walls, we will…

The Grand Tour of Catalonia: A catalan roadtrip

A vehicle, a GPS and good music to accompany you during the route: this is all you will need to rediscover Catalonia along a circular route throughout the territory…

Tour Catalonia on two wheels

The orography of Catalonia allows cycling trips of all levels, from the simplest, following the plains, to the most rugged and demanding. Surely you will find the…

Traveling by train, a gift for the eyes

If you want to spend a different vacation and enjoy a wonderful experience, nothing better than traveling on rails. A train trip can be the most suitable means…

Walking Festivals 2022

The Pyrenees Hiking Festivals is a territorial cooperation initiative, which takes place throughout the Pyrenees, in order to promote hiking as a healthy and sustainable…

Walking routes in Catalonia

In Catalonia we have thousands of small and long-haul routes distributed throughout the territory that offer us the possibility of enjoying environments with great…


Rocallaura, the perfect place to disconnect from the world and…

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This summer, come and rediscover the Palau Güell!

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Private family balloon flight

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850.00 €

Magic World: Immerse yourself in a Trick-Art world

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11.00 €


Festivities of San Juan and Sant Pere in Hospitalet de l'Infant

23/06/2022 - 29/06/2022

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Festivity of San Pedro in Las Casas de Alcanar


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