Historical Catalonia


Travel through historical Catalonia, get closer to your roots and be surprised by the events that Catalans from different eras lived. There is always an interesting story to discover!

A trip to prehistory

We propose a trip to learn about the life of our ancestors and ancestors and the adaptation strategies to the natural environment that they used to survive. We…

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Returns to the origins with visits to villages and archaeological…

Catalonia has a very rich and diverse cultural heritage. Throughout the country we find monuments and sites that preserve our memory as a society. You can visit…

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Return to our Iberian past

Iberian culture developed from the 6th century BC in a vast region of the western Mediterranean. It is a set of diverse towns that share a series of cultural features.…

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The passage of the Roman Empire through Catalonia

The fight that the Romans and Carthaginians had for control of the Mediterranean in the late 3rd century BC led to the Second Punic War. In 218 BC the Romans landed…

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Learn about the Catalan medieval legacy

The Middle Ages in Catalonia comprise a stage as extensive as it is diverse. Following the traditional canons, the Middle Ages began in 417 with the disappearance…

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Live the Catalan Romanesque closely

Romanesque art is present in much of Catalonia. This artistic form began in the eleventh century until well into the thirteenth century. Its expansion toured the…

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Delve into Catalonia's Jewish past

The Catalan Jews were the populations of the Jewish religion that were lived in Catalonia during the Middle Ages. The arrival of the Jews in our country is uncertain,…

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Commemorates the events of 1714

In the year 1700 Carlos II died without descendants. This fact triggered a great international conflict. European powers vied for control of the vast Hispanic empire…

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The industrial Revolution

Catalonia, together with the Basque Country are the only two areas in Spain that during the second part of the 18th century already joined the Industrial Revolution…

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The Civil War, exile and repression in Catalonia

The military coup d'état of July 17, 1936 gave way to three years of bloody civil war in Spain. Catalonia remains faithful to the Republic and, at the same…

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Draw: Catalonia in miniature

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Themed outings in Tossa de Mar

13/06/2021 ...

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Tuna Days in Vandellós i Hospitalet de l'Infant

29/05/2021 - 13/06/2021

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Barley March in Ordis

30/05/2021 - 13/06/2021

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