Culture Programa't from February to June in Alcarràs

26/04/2024 17/05/2024 - 18/05/2024
07/06/2024 - 09/06/2024
Alcarràs (Centre cultural 'Lo Casino')

The't Culture Program starts from February to June in Alcarràs!

We present the new culture programming for the season from February to June 2024 in Alcarràs with a selection of shows from various disciplines for all audiences , because culture is for everyone.

In addition, it is incorporated into the programming of the Balls al Casino, the Carnival concert, the 1st edition of the Cruïlla Baix Segre, the 3rd Night of Culture of the Cultural Week and the 1st edition of the Alcarràs Improvisation Festival.

Tickets can be purchased in person at the CCM Lo Casino from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and electronically in "ticket purchase" and through the “festesalcarras” APP available for Android and Apple.

  • Llumeneres, 02/03/2024: In a high-risk society, people seem to no longer have trust. But within a party the feeling of belonging to an ephemeral collective prevails. Everyone hopes to have a good time...
  • Carnival night with... Discomóvil The Chanclettes, 02/17/2024: Yes! The best proposal for the wildest night of the year with music, dance and crazy entertainment that will make you relive in a few hours, all the musical, television and cinematographic memories of your life...
  • Lumière, 02/24/2024: It has never been so fun to wait. As if it were a silent film, Txema Muñoz wishes for the train to arrive. Until it arrives, your imagination will go beyond the station...
  • Cruïlla Baix Segre, 03/09/2024: Cruïlla Baix Segre 2024 will feature concerts in Alcarràs, Aitona, Seròs, Torres de Segre, Soses, La Granja de Escarpe and Massalcoreig, to celebrate flowering and local gastronomy.
  • Around the world in 80 aunts, 03/10/2024: To whom do we owe WIFI and Bluetooth? Who were the Guerrilla Girls? How did Clara Schumann stop composing?
  • The cat that wanted to change history, 03/16/2024: A new puppet, dance and visual show for all audiences based on a Hindu tale and with spectacular animal puppets for a story of friendship, trust and collaboration.
  • AlcarràsFlorit, 03/15/2024, 03/16/2024 and 03/17/2024: Bus route through the flowering fields of the Alcarràs district to see the flowering.
  • La illa del tresor, 04/19/2024: What are treasures? What is valuable and what is insignificant? A long time ago, intrepid young Jim Hawkins found himself immersed in a journey full of adventures, pirates and...
  • 3rd Night of Culture, 04/26/2024: Third night of recognition of associations, cultural entities and people who have worked for the culture of Alcarràs.
  • Alcarràs Improvisation Festival, 05/17/2024 and 05/18/2024.
  • Food-licanya, 06/07/2024, 06/08/2024 and 06/09/2024: Food-li Canya is a festival organized by the ÁTICA TEATRO group from Alcarràs that is celebrated on June 7, 8 and 9.

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