Experience Carnival in the Pyrenees with MónNatura Pirineus

09/02/2024 - 12/02/2024
MónNatura Pirineus Alt Àneu

For Carnival, MónNatura Pirineus offers you a stay full of activities, learning and fun. Carnival is one of the most fun festivals in the Pyrenees valleys; holidays in an unbeatable environment!

At MónNatura Pirineus we have prepared a program of special activities for you to do as a family, such as guided tours to discover nature and its fauna, observation of the Orion Nebula or a workshop to dress up as the wildest animals.

You can also enjoy traditional Pyrenean cuisine to warm you up!

Do not miss it!

What to do

MónNatura Pirineus

Alt Àneu

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Turisme al Pallars Sobirà

(a 23.8 Km)

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Viles Florides

(a 17.7 Km)

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Rafting Llavorsí

Llavorsí (a 17.3 Km)

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Where to eat

Roch Hotel - Restaurant

Sort (a 18.7 Km)

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Where to sleep

Hotel Cardós

Vall de Cardós (a 13.5 Km)

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Hotel i hostal Vall d'Àneu

Esterri d'Àneu (a 3.6 Km)

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Hotel Lo Paller

Alt Àneu (a 2.9 Km)

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L'Hort del Metge

Vall de Cardós (a 13.2 Km)

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Sanr Jordi in Creixell


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Sant Jordi Day in Balaguer

16/04/2024 - 24/04/2024

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Discover MónNatura Pirineus!

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