Culturitza't Cycle in Gironella

The Culturitza't is the cycle of cultural activities in Gironella, organized by the Gironella City Council that encompasses the cultural offer of the municipality.

Culturtiza't was born in 2010 from the Department of Culture with the desire to bring culture closer to the population of Berguedà. Over the years it has evolved and great musicians from the Catalan scene have passed there, but also promising young people. With more than 10 years of experience, artists such as Manu Guix, Adrià Puntí, David Caravén, Judit Neddermann, Clara Peya, Roger Mas, Feliu Ventura, and Cris Juanico among others have been part of the programming.

In Gironella it is committed to culture, and that is why it presents a program with shows for all audiences, from children's cinema without parents, an initiative of the Children's Council, to classical music concerts, including plays, family shows and Catalan cinema..

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What to do

Fuives, centre mundial del ruc català

Olvan (a 4 Km)

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Turisme del Berguedà

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Octavi Guia d'Escalada

Casserres (a 4.1 Km)

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La Torre de l'amo de Viladomiu Nou

Gironella (a 3.5 Km)

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Where to eat

Menjars per emportar Boca a Boca

Berga (a 7.7 Km)

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Restaurant Gust Pizzeria

Berga (a 8.1 Km)

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Bar Restaurant Xato


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Restaurant Gust Picant

Berga (a 8.2 Km)

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Where to sleep

La Rovira

Sagàs (a 6.8 Km)

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Berga Resort

Berga (a 7 Km)

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Hotel La Cabana

Berga (a 8.5 Km)

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Fundesplai, Cases de Colònies

(a 6.9 Km)

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FICARD, Sant Isidre de Cardedeu Fair

17/05/2024 - 20/05/2024

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Aplec de la Rosa in Lurdes and in the Castle of Tona

19/05/2024 - 20/05/2024

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Rubri and the secrets of the river in Berguedà!

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Climb Pedraforca with Octavi Climbing Guide

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