Concert at the Pujalt Observatory

Pujalt (Observatori de Pujalt)
Price: 15€

Live a unique experience at the Pujalt Observatory. Led by White Pèrill and 4L3X 4LM1R4LL, experience a relaxing session under the stars while you discover the universe with electronic ambient music. And finally, a visit to the Pujalt Astronomical Park.

During the first part, we will be lying down, sitting outside the observatory witnessing the universe with our own eyes, White Pèrill and 4L3X 4LM1R4LL will play electronic ambient music for us, while, from time to time, we will lower the volume to make small explanations of the sky.

Once our mind connects, we will visit the Pujalt Astronomical Park, where we will observe through our large telescope and explain the sky inside our 360º planetarium.

Bring your mat or chair, watch, feel and connect in a magical activity!

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