Almacelles Water Festival

01/03/2024 - 03/03/2024

The Almacelles Water Festivals commemorate the commissioning of the Aragón and Catalonia canal and, with it, the arrival of water to the municipality on March 2, 1910, an event and a date that will mark the history of the town and contributed to the agricultural and economic transformation of Almacelles.

The party starts with a general ringing of bells and the launching of a sweet fireworks to announce the party in the square. The festival does not lack shows, popular meals, dance sessions, concerts, hunting tours, pétanque shooting, bowling, soccer games, cinema, sardanas, painting exhibitions, free visits to the museum, quick painting contest, technical days, etc.

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What to do

Viles Florides

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Boulder Indoor

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Museu de Lleida: diocesà i comarcal

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Where to sleep

Hotels Ibis Lleida

Lleida (a 21.2 Km)

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