Commemoration Events for the Anniversary of the Bombing of La Garriga

16/01/2024 26/01/2024 - 28/01/2024
30/01/2024 09/02/2024 - 10/02/2024
18/02/2024 25/02/2024
La Garriga

The Spanish War has forever marked the history of our land. A war born of a fascist coup d'état, which ended the most progressive government in Europe at the time, which sent hundreds of thousands of people into exile and killed so many others.

But this conflict also showed and has left for memory and study some of the most admirable examples of struggle in our history.

The thousands of people who, from the beginning, volunteered to go to the war front as militiamen, to defend the Republic. Or the thousands who came from all corners of the world to fight against fascism, in a war in a distant country that they knew was also their war: the International Brigades.

Like every year and since 2005, La Garriga commemorates the anniversary of the fascist bombing of the population on January 29, 1939 with a program of events that wants to connect what happened and what is still happening today around the world.

And precisely, Garriga played a very important and very unknown role in the history of the International Brigades. For this reason, the common thread of this year's events revolves around these people who, in an example of solidarity, fraternity, commitment and sacrifice unique in the world, also passed through the town, to defend freedoms and ideals that, then, they were almost lost in the hands of fascism.

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What to do

Parc Ferroviari de Cal Gavatx

Les Franqueses del Vallès (a 6.2 Km)

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Museu Arxiu Tomàs Balvey

Cardedeu (a 7.8 Km)

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Xavier bassa, Sumiller

Santa Eulàlia de Ronçana (a 7 Km)

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Turisme al Vallès Oriental

(a 8.8 Km)

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Where to sleep

Hotel Molí de la Torre

Bigues i Riells del Fai (a 6.6 Km)

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Hotel Blancafort Spa Termal

La Garriga

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Casa Rural Can Gual

L'Ametlla del Vallès (a 4.6 Km)

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Aparhotel Atenea Vallès

Granollers (a 9.4 Km)

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FICARD, Sant Isidre de Cardedeu Fair

17/05/2024 - 20/05/2024

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Aplec de la Rosa in Lurdes and in the Castle of Tona

19/05/2024 - 20/05/2024

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Special during the week at the Hotel Molí de la Torre!

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149 €

Offer on a plot at Camping l'Illa!

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