Deal! Urban Escape Room - Legend: The wings of the Cocollona

Xplore Girona is a company dedicated to making Urban Escape Rooms in the city of Girona. All the games are adapted to groups (depending on the number of people and difficulty).

The wings of the Cocollona can become a family or children's mission. From 8 years.

The mission is about...

La Cocollona is perhaps one of the best known legends of our city. It is said that a former novice was locked in a dark and damp underground cell on the banks of the Onyar River by her sisters, who led a rather thug life and did not want to hear the novice's reproaches. The humidity of that cell made him transform: his body was covered with scales until he became a kind of crocodile, while behind his back, due to his good soul , butterfly wings appeared. This is how she became the Cocollona! They say that on foggy days, if you look closely, you can see the Cocollona walking along the Onyar river. On one of these walks our Cocollona must have lost her wings, because this morning she didn't have them! Now he asks for your help to find them.

We will take a tour of the 6 best-known legends of the city that will help you reach the hiding place of the wings.

Will he find Cocollona's wings with the help of the other city legends?

Prices are for the Box option (gamemaster telematic):

From 4 to 6 people = €80

7 people = €100

8 people = €120

9 people = €140

10 people = €160

More than 10 people, contact directly



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