Xarxa de Turisme Industrial Barcelona, Igualada, Manresa,…

Plaça Freixa i Argemí, 11 (Masia Freixa) Terrassa | Barcelona , Igualada , Manresa
Contact info@xatic.cat

Enter a Catalonia that you can not imagine. A place where to make tourism with yours means to go a step beyond the contemplation. Where every corner, every old factory and every municipality hides a treasure, a part of the engine that has made our culture advance.

Understanding how an old mine worked, how paper was made or how cities were illuminated before light came in is to understand how the world works. But it is also to value our heritage and our history more and better.

Explore the interior of a mountain, travel to the daily life of a textile colony, make artisan bread, surprise yourself by watching the way your skin grows, get on a coal train, live a unique experience with the whole family.

You can do all this with TurismeIndustrial.cat, the online portal where all the visits and experiences proposals of the XATIC (Catalonia Industrial Tourism Network) are collected.

And the fact is that the discovery of our industrial heritage is almost always linked to surprise, knowledge and unexpected, new and enriching experiences.

80 different equipments await you. All with an agenda of activities that will not end and that will make you live the Catalan industrial heritage.



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