6 xarelos with Vins el Cep

Vins El Cep. Sant Sadurní d'Anoia
Price: 35 €

Availability : Monday to Saturday 11:00 am.

Duration : approximately 2 hours.

Groups minimum 4 people.

Do you want to live an authentic experience and discover the potential of Xarel·lo?

Xarel·lo is the quintessential native variety of the Penedès and also the most complete. In this tasting we will be able to learn about the 6 different production methods that we carry out at Vins el Cep with this variety. You will discover the range of possibilities it has depending on how we prepare it.

What will we try?

  • Pet-Nat XRL·LO (Ancestral Method).
  • Ot de Vins el Cep Xarel·lo (Unaged).
  • GR5 SENDERS Xarel·lo (Half-aged).
  • Pla del Bosc Xarel·lo Rojo (Aging with concrete egg).
  • Clot del Roure Xarel·lo (Aging in oak barrels).
  • Clot del Roure Brisat Xarel·lo (Maceration with skins and aging in oak barrels).

Do not miss it!

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