Termas Baronía de Les Les

Passeig de la Llana s/n (Vall d'Aran) Les

Termas Baronía de Les is a thermal center with mineral-medicinal water declared for public use. They are waters captured to more than 300m of depth and with an antiquity of more than 10,000 years cataloged like sulphurous sodium carbonates.

With the entrance ticket the client can enjoy a complete thermal tour: vaporarium, Finnish sauna, tepidarium or hot marble room, cube showers and cold water immersion bathtub, pediluvium and foot reflexology track, outdoor and outdoor thermal pool, 3 Jacuzzis at different temperatures, relaxation area and selection of teas and infusions throughout the tour.

Among the personalized services we can find, it is worth mentioning the use of its own thermal mud highly indicated for skin conditions, pains, rheumatism, arthritis... and the cosmetic use of fresh caviar from Valle de Aran. We will also find therapies of Ayurvedic medicine, holistic massages and non-invasive natural aesthetic services.



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