Deal! Discover the monumental old town of Solsona

Walking through the historic center of Solsona is going back to the past, to a walled past that still preserves the three entrance portals to the town: the Pont, the Castell and the Llobera.

We invite you to live history with a guided tour of the historic center: streets and squares of Mayor, San Juan, San Isidro, with the fountains and stately homes. The visit includes the cathedral with the cloister.

You will discover the stories and legends that surround the cathedral and the Virgen del Claustro, patron saint of Solsona.

You will also meet the most important noble families that have left their mark on the city. Finally, during the visit to the Quarto de los Gigantes, all the folkloric heritage of the Solsona Festival is presented.

Now enjoy a 20% discount by applying the code femturismesolsona on the general rate of the Solsona Monumental visit.

We will wait for you!


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