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Experiential guided tours of the Solsonès region for all audiences, for groups and individuals. Why only visit a place when you have the opportunity to experience it?

A wide range of experiential visits adapted to your interests, so that you understand and love Solsonès. We network and cooperate to disseminate our cultural and natural heritage.

Solsona Experience is the commercial name of a non-profit cooperative project promoted by a group of young people from Solsona. We work to stimulate the tourist projection of the city, collaborating with public and private actors in the sector. We want you to discover our territory, its heritage and its people through a wide range of proposals. We accompany you?

Monumental Solsona

The best option to discover Solsona with a local guide

Live history with a guided tour of the old town: streets and squares Mayor, San Juan, San Isidro, with the fountains and stately homes.

The visit includes the cathedral with the cloister. You will discover the stories and legends that surround the cathedral and the Virgen del Claustro, patron saint of Solsona. You will also meet the most important noble families that have left their mark on the city. Finally, during the visit to the Quarto los Gigantes all the folkloric heritage of the Solsona Festival is presented.

This visit can be complemented with the guided visit to the Ice Well.

Ice well

Refresh and delve into history

The Ice Well is a circular structure covered with a dome that served to store the ice obtained from the Negro River or the Bòfia hole. It was used from the 17th to the 19th century. During the colder months, the ice was stored and preserved indoors, and it was marketed from spring to All Saints.

Discover how the production, storage and marketing of ice worked more than 200 years ago! Ideal for families and children.

Monumental olius

Go through the history of the Iberians, Romanesque and modernism

Take a journey through history with a guided tour of the monumental complex of Sant Esteve de Olius. This visit will transport you from the time of the Iberians to the beginning of the 19th century. You will be able to know a field of Iberian silos and how it worked, and also enjoy the Romanesque church of Sant Esteve de Olius and its pre-Romanesque crypt.

Finally, the entrance and visit to the Modernist Cemetery of Olius designed by Bernardí Martorell is included.

Giants Quarter

Discover the giants of Fiesta Mayor

Do you want to know where the giants of the Solsona Festival live? Come and discover the space where they are kept together with the rest of the expletives. In this activity we will introduce you to the elements of the Fiesta Mayor and Corpus: the 4 giants, the dwarfs, the bears, the eagle and aligons, the dragon, the mule and the ox.

Do you dare to get to know them up close? Ideal for families and children.

Dramatized visit in Sant Esteve de Olius

From the Iberians to Modernism

With a theatrical format, we suggest you discover the whole of Sant Esteve de Olius. Through the explanations of important figures in its history, you will be able to know the past of the main elements of the place: the Modernist Cemetery of Olius designed for Bernadí Martorell, the old Iberian town and the field of silos, the Romanesque church with its crypt and La Torreta, old castle of the Counts of Urgell. Come and meet the architect Bernardí Martorell and Count Ermengol IV of Urgell, among other characters.

The visit lasts approximately one hour. Suitable for all audiences.
Organized by Solsona Experience with the support of the Olius City Council. 

Dramatized visit to the Neolithic necropolis of El Llor

A different visit from the hand of historical figures

Enjoy a different afternoon with a theatrical visit to the El Llor necropolis, in the municipality of Castellar de la Ribera. Immerse yourself in the history of the hand of the main characters involved in the excavation of the necropolis.
A journey of just over a kilometer sheltered from the streams of the Llor and the Apostles where they found seven burials of the Cista type and a menhir. The environment was excavated for the first time by Mn Joan Serra Vilaró at the beginning of the 20th century and re-studied by the team of archaeologists José Castaño and Luis Guerrero in 1999.

The visit lasts approximately one hour, traveling through marked trails. Suitable for all audiences.
Organized by Solsona Experience with the support of the Solsona Museum and the Castellar de la Ribera City Council.

Solsona test

Gastronomy, commerce, crafts and history

In this experience you will discover the monumental old town of Solsona and some of its best preserved secrets: the oldest and most peculiar shops, paying special attention to local crafts and food products. You will visit the workshop of a centenary bakery and charming shops, such as the Solsona winery. The visit ends with a tasting of a selection of products made in the territory that includes different varieties of cheeses, sausages and jams. You can also try complementary products such as high mountain salt, oil or wood oven bread.

Maximum group of 10 people. For larger groups, two or more consecutive services must be contracted with a minimum delay of 30 minutes.

Experience subject to availability of participating businesses. Solsona Experience reserves the right to modify the schedule and / or route of the experience to suit the merchants. In this case, the possibility of specifying another date of completion will be offered.

Busa, the impregnable fortress

Make a map in a unique place discovering vestiges of the French War

The hundreds of meter cliffs made the conglomerate of the Busa plateau an impregnable fortress by the French in 1811. A 5-hour trekking route will make you discover the most spectacular places of one of the Solsonès jewels. Meanwhile, the guides will transport you back to the early 19th century, when Busa was the second most important place in Spain. Centennial walls, dreamlike viewpoints, a natural prison, wild cliffs and a snack of typical Solsonès products are some of the secrets you can enjoy on the 'Busa, the impregnable fortress' route.

Enjoy a unique experience and discover the living history hidden in the corners of Busa, and some more surprises.

Castellvell, ravine of Pallarès

On the way to the origins of the city of Solsona and the natural environment that has given it birth

The Barranco de Pallarès is a tributary stream of the Río Negro. Its waters and its natural environment have welcomed the current city of Solsona. A 3-hour route will take you to discover the beauty and importance of the riverside forest and the natural treasures of Solsonès, with the help of Samara Nature. The Solsona Experience guides will open the doors for you to discover the Iberian Solsona by visiting the town of Castellvell, they will transport you to the Middle Ages, the time of maximum splendor of the Solsona castle (current Castellvell de Olius) and they will show you other secrets of our city.

Among ash trees, oaks and pines and surrounded by chickadees and woodpeckers, we will meet aqueducts, Iberians and feudal lords. The great viewpoint of Castellvell, watchtower of the city of Solsona, will offer us rest and views of the Solsona vineyard and a good part of the Solsonès region.

Sàmara Nature was born in the Solsonès forest. As a space where sustainability, awareness and contact with nature grow. It wants to be a cooperative project of education and environmental services where different activities of awareness, training and knowledge of the environment will be developed. A participatory initiative for children, families and adults.


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