Restaurant La Moixina Olot

Carretera de la Moixina, Olot Olot

The La Moixina restaurant began in 1890. Today, we offer you traditional Catalan cuisine updated.

In our dishes, you will find tradition and respect for Catalan and local cuisine. With each bite you will savor all the taste of the products selected with great care. And if you liked it, you can dip bread, as it has always been done.

We are part of the Volcanic Cuisine collective that promotes the preparation of dishes with typical Garrotxa products. We work with local producers from the magnificent environment we have and, whenever possible, we prepare our dishes with local products.

In good weather, the outside tent is filled with laughter. The children run and play on the grass while the parents have dinner. There is no rush, we breathe the green of nature and enjoy the outdoor terrace. In the cold, the interior rooms welcome you with space, light and warmth – and the eternal green, which always pokes its head out of the window.

Day by day, and with your support, we ensure the sustainability of the environment and the wonderful environment we have. The areas of La Moixina are declared a Natural Reserve of geobotanical interest by the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park. They are an area of geobotanical interest, rich in biological diversity and where water is the protagonist. At La Moixina we like to take care of the space around us to contribute to a healthier environment for everyone.


Environment Natural park volcanic area of La Garotxa.

The Moixina wetlands are a unique natural area in La Garrotxa. We feel immensely happy and grateful to be able to share this magical environment with you every day.

The general atmosphere is one of tranquility, intimacy and respect. We like large, bright and natural spaces; But what fills us most is seeing that he is comfortable.


La Moixina belongs to all the people of Olot and the Garrotxins, and we are proud to open the doors of the restaurant and the surroundings to hold your events and celebrations - both personal and corporate. The most important thing is that you are comfortable and enjoy your wedding, business dinner or family celebration, just as you imagine.



Nomad Olot

31/05/2024 - 02/06/2024

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