Restaurant Barna Brew Barcelona

Carrer del Parlament, 45 Barcelona


There is no better place to try our beers, fresh directly from the barrel, from C / Parlamento 45, in the Sant Antoni district of Barcelona. Sit back and enjoy the views, where the magic happens in our brewery and where you can accompany our beers with creative tapas prepared by Sergio, head chef of La Pepita. Try the white anchovies submerged in our Blanche, the marinated magret in our brune, the malt hummus or the hop fruit mayonnaise in our burger Moreneta. In addition, to try a touch come from Brussels, try to prepare our combo of celery, Costa Negra cheese and herbal mustard.


Our brewery is located on the back of the bar, behind the glass end of the establishment. If you come to take a look, you will see the packaging machine on your left, followed by four fermentors of 1000HL. On your right, you will see a cooking space of 500HL. For our basic beers, such as the Moreneta series, the Pils Parliament and Ceci n'est pas Une IPA, we carry out double batches to ensure a consistent flavor in our beers. On the other hand, we produce 500L of our seasonal beers such as La fumee, WinterTonka and all that will come.

Belgian Crafts: We only use the best Belgian malts and the freshest hops to ensure the best quality in our beers.

Catalan spirit: we always try to use local products and turn the classic Belgian recipes, adding bay leaves in our Blanca, honey in our Blonde or the wine must in our spring beer.

Our history

Brewpub also represents a trip: Brussels - Barcelona. Our love for beer and the light that has guided us here began in our years in Belgium. It was there, where we discovered the unique and traditional way of brewing beer. It was also there where we decided to create our own recipes, where we won our first Brussels Beer Challenge Gold award and where we made the decision to pursue our dream in Barcelona.

Today, we expand the Belgian style of craft brewing in Spain, using local products to provide a twist to our beers. Our Brewpub brewery in Barcelona, in the neighborhood of San Antonio, has been welcoming beer enthusiasts and good food since March 2017.


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