Nighttime Astronomical Experience 360

Deal: 16.90 €

Come discover the fantastic sky of Prades with the help of our astronomical guides accredited by the Starlight Foundation.

What does the experience consist of?

In the Visitor Center of the Montañas de Prades Astronomical Park:

1.   Session in the 360º Full Dome Planetarium with the most spectacular productions and simulations of the universe, commented live by our Starlight Guides. An immersive experience that you cannot miss.

2. Audiovisual review of the latest scientific news related to the universe and a virtual tour through the fantastic night skies of the Montañas de Prades Astronomical Park, and detailed explanation of the objects to observe in this session (you can now check our calendar to see which objects will be the protagonists of each session).

To the Astronomical Viewpoint of San Roque:

  - Observation with automated telescopes and commented and guided tour with green laser for the constellations and their mythology. We will do it from the Astronomical Viewpoint of San Roque in an environment of great beauty, with a 360º view of the sky.



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49.90 €


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