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The Finca Fontclara, located in the heart of the Baix Empordà, between the charming medieval towns of Peratallada, Palau-sator, Ullastret and Pals (popularly known as the golden triangle of the Empordà), has several fields scattered around the area between rice fields and fruit trees. It is a privileged place on the Costa Brava, blessed by a microclimate on land with high production power: it is a kind of architectural and natural golden mile from which the best liquid treasure is born: Fontclara extra virgin olive oil.

The farm's sustainable approach is a hallmark of Fontclara. Extra virgin olive oil is produced in a respectful and ecological way. Currently some 8,000 olive trees are cultivated on 60 hectares of land, many of them hundred-year-old trees. There are olives of the Arbequina, Picual, Argudell and Fantoio varieties (the latter is not yet in production), of which only the best specimens are preserved after a meticulous manual selection process.

They are processed immediately after the harvest, at the end of September or beginning of October, in the same oil mill on the estate with a Mori mill, coming from Italy, using the latest technology to optimize the quality of the oil. The entire production process of Fontclara extra virgin olive oil takes place on the farm itself and immediately after the harvest, thus guaranteeing the preservation of the organoleptic characteristics of the best extra virgin olive oil.

The Fontclara team has a common goal, which goes far beyond producing the best extra virgin olive oil: teaching and sharing all the secrets about this oil and its territory with all those who share this passion. That is why Finca Fontclara hosts experiences related to this elixir, in an always familiar and welcoming environment, which allows you to discover not only the secrets of olive oil, but also a wonderful landscape.

The Fontclara oil and gastronomic experiences allow you to discover the Empordà with all 5 senses. They include a visit to the farm and sensory tasting of EVOOs. A gastronomic and emotional journey through the living history of extra virgin olive oil in the heart of the Empordà. Guided walk through the garden, the orchard and the centuries-old olive trees of the Finca Fontclara. During the tour, botanical flavors and aromas will be identified, descriptors of the organoleptic attributes of the different varieties of extra virgin olive oil.

Recognition of olive trees, curiosities and knowledge of the life of young and centenary trees, differences between varieties, flowering, harvest and care.

Fontclara Visits

Clarification on the myths and beliefs about extra virgin olive oil, the different types that exist in the market and how it is produced.

Introduction to sensory tasting of extra virgin olive oils at the olive farm. Tasting of our varieties of oil with Palau-sator bread, an aperitif with a glass of wine and seasonal products to discover the flavors of our land.

All people wishing to delve into the Fontclara universe will be able to book a place in this unique experience that takes place on the estate. Attendees will be able to enjoy a tour of the olive groves and an oil tasting in the middle of nature (outdoors whenever the weather permits), accompanied by a small appetizer. A good way to discover the singularity of a unique extra virgin olive oil, an exceptional landscape and a gastronomy that is undoubtedly among the best in the world.

Prior reservation is necessary, you can do it through the web, by phone.


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