Observatori de Pujalt Pujalt

Carretera de l'Astor, S/N Pujalt
Contact info@observatoridepujalt.cat

The Pujalt Observatory is a place of science. The main objectives of the Observatory are to disseminate and teach science and carry out scientific research. The fields of study are meteorology and astronomy.

In operation since 2003, the Pujalt Observatory is a point of reference for scientific dissemination. We are a learning environment, which means that many schools visit us throughout each school year.

In the case of meteorology, every day we compile the different atmospheric variables with different devices, some manual, others automatic. We also analyze the atmosphere to make weather forecasts and we teach through scientific experiments the atmosphere around us.

The Pujalt Observatory is more than a meteorological observatory, it is also an astronomical observatory. During the day we look at the atmosphere, measure its variables and observe its changes. At night we look beyond our planet to contemplate the sky, planets, stars, constellations, galaxies, etc. The Observatory is located far from the big cities and at an altitude of 750m above sea level which means that there is little atmospheric and light pollution giving good conditions for the practice of astronomical observation.

In 2020 the new Pujalt Astronomical Park (PAP) was inaugurated, an extension to the current meteorological observatory that provides us with a great window to the universe both for research and for the general public.

Inside the astronomical park we will find the second largest telescope in Catalonia, a great tool to investigate and show the universe in a special and powerful way.

In addition, in the main building we find a large room for exhibitions, and the control room for the telescopes, where the sky is investigated at night. We also have an inflatable planetarium to enjoy the best explanations of the universe before observing the sky with our own eyes...


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