Museu de Lleida: diocesà i comarcal Lleida

Carrer Sant Crist, 1 Lleida

The Museum of Lleida is a public consortium of five institutions: Generalitat de Catalunya, City Hall, Provincial and Bishopric of Lleida, and the County Council of Segrià. It is the result of the union of two centuries collections and reflects the aim of gathering in one building the museum property of the city and its areas of influence. One of these collections is the sacred art from the Diocesan Museum, created in 1893 by Bishop Messeguer. The other is the archaeological collection of Lleida Studies Institute (IEI), which originated at the Museum of Antiquities founded in the mid-nineteenth century, the bottom became part of the IEI in 1942. In addition, the Museum of Lleida welcomes the coin collection of the Numismatic Cabinet of the council, as well as some objects from the so-called Treasury of the Cathedral. The chronological period represented ranging from prehistory to the eighteenth century.

Among the works of art and archeology which hosts the permanent exhibition stand sets Bronze ages (from sites such as Geno, in Aitona), Iberian (Gebut in Soses) and Roman (Roman Villa del Romeral, Albesa) and set the Visigoth The Bovalar (Seròs), with the baptistery as emblematic object; also they highlight the chess pieces of rock crystal from Ager (the Fatimid period, s X-XI.); altar frontals of Romanesque; stone sculptural elements from the Seu Vella, the mural paintings of Pia Almoina, the old charitable institution in the Cathedral; Gothic panel painting workshop Ferrer; XIV century sculpture belonging to the so-called School of Lleida, Flemish tapestries bill, or the suit of Pope Calixto III.

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