Monestir de les Avellanes Os de Balaguer

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The Monastery of the Avellanes, has hung on the wall symbolically d'entry doors formerly closed the wall, to illustrate the condition of hospitality that has always accompanied the Monastery.
The rooms and interior spaces have been fully renovated into a HOSTALERIA combertido three stars.
The uniqueness of the building and the environment surrounding this HOSTALERIA of great charm.

It has 37 cozy double bedrooms, all exterior, with all the amenities:

  • Bathroom
  • Air conditioning
  • Phone
  • LAN internet
  • Muzak
  • Dryers
  • Beautiful views


The monastery also offers you rooms like the old monks' dining room has been transformed into a spacious living room with sofas, and intended for visitors.
Also, the old kitchen and pantry The Refectori, the former dining room of the monks is now a room where you can make a coffee, bevida, go online or talk, rest, etc., all watching the Landscape.
Within the same monastery, and overlooking the XII century Romanesque cloister, monastery find the restaurant, where you can enjoy traditional cuisine Noguera and prepar vanguardía kitchen by our chefs.


Historically monasteries have been centers of knowledge and saver, opportunities for reflection and creation of ideas that després have spread around the world.
Therefore, one of the wills of the Monastery of Avellanes, is continuing its tradition of meeting, creating debate and learn. Now opening the doors to all and matching the needs of the times.

They have qualified and prepared spaces in rooms for meetings, activities, conferences, etc..

Converting the Montsec Meetings Center, a unique place to hold corporate meetings and sojourns.

Meetings center has a complex Montsec ideal for hosting your meetings, 11 conference rooms equipped with all the technology and amenities, perfect for conventions, conferences, debates, ...

Totally open rooms of different sizes and characteristics. All large windows to the outside, as spectacular and relaxing views, which give the plus of uniqueness for the needs of your company.

Home spirituality

For those individuals or small groups with interest esperitual make a stay in a broad sense, while participating in community life.

They are a Marist Brothers community that welcomes all comers, as if personally receive Jesus, live like a concrete, universal brotherhood.

Archives and libraries

The files and libraries are the representatives of the cultural aspects of the set of services offered by the Monastery of the Avellanes. The file part is represented by:

The Monastery Archive Bellpuig of filberts (AMBA). Its origins come from Fairytale premonstrateses file Bellpuig canons of Avellanes. Currently functions as a historical archive of the Institute of the Marist Brothers of Catalonia. Hermitage Province.

The Archives Gavin (AG). He is considered one of the largest personal archives in Europe. 2008 Dex is permanently at the Monastery of the AVELLANES. There is a documentary resources of interest to those who need information on issues of religion and Catalan culture.

The Library of the Monastery has also its symbolic veriente, recalling the great ancient library that had this monastery until the mid-nineteenth century. Currently the library consists of three distinct sections: the general library, specialized library and library Marist. The periodicals section consists Marist periodicals and issues of religion and education in Catalonia.

The Monastery of Avellanes participates Porcpassió food festival held every year in November in the province of Lleida.

Registration Number in Tourism Register of Catalonia and Andorra: HL-000742


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