Mon Casteller- Museu Casteller de Catalunya Valls

Plaça del Blat, 5, Valls Valls

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Through the values that the Renaixença poet Josep Anselm Clavé glossed over, and that have become the casteller motto, we take a tour in three acts of this intangible cultural manifestation typical of Catalonia and recognized internationally. Value considers what drives human beings to build castles. The keys to understanding its takeoff are explained in balance and common sense. And by force, as a conclusion, we surround ourselves in a burst of sensations culminating in a castle.


The first act is dedicated to courage and gives relevance to the ancestral impulse of human beings to conquer heaven. The visitor can experience first-hand the vertigo that the Anxaneta feels when climbing a castle and the feeling that pushes him to make this journey to the top, achieving the impossible.

Sanity and balance

Good sense and balance represent wisdom, technique and experience: they will be the protagonists of the second part of the story. Through spaces called piñas, the history of the castells is shown, from its beginnings to its consolidation and expansion; technical improvement; music; the group; the spirit of improvement; commitment; trust in each other and mutual respect. The human tower world in all its dimensions.


The last act is dedicated to strength and reflects the definitive spectacle, everything that has been sown during the museum tour. An installation that shows the enthusiasm and passion of when a castle is completed through an unforgettable immersive and sensory experience.


The MCC is at the origin of the human tower world, where its essence beats strongly.

It is located where it all began 200 years ago, right where the castellera personality began to be built: strength, balance, courage and good sense. In Valls is the Casteller de Catalunya Museum, a museum with its own identity to protect what is close to it. An original and unique heritage that takes you back to its origins. A space that moves and moves. A sensible dream, an exciting challenge. Make your world... and take it home.


The MCC is projected outward, from the casteller origin to the world. It is intangible heritage of humanity.

He wants to share and act as a bridge, dialogue, debate. He wants to understand and be understood. It is an open space, a communicating vessel, a street towards the neighborhood, towards the town, towards the world. He wants to be the spokesperson for the castells and a platform for this human expression.


The MCC is born a casteller, inclusive and plural

It is a supportive headquarters where everyone feels at home. It is a group that welcomes those inside and those outside. The headquarters of boys and girls, for young and old, of Valls, of the castle towns and cities and, also, of those people who have never built a castle, who live and who come. The Museum is for everyone. Welcoming as a group, it is everyone's headquarters.


The MCC is a committed museum, which has been created for a double cause.

It is a museum and an instrument, the means to achieve well-being and change. It wants to serve and be used, transform the visitors and the Old Quarter, where it stands as a new dynamic facility. It is a social cohesion tool that seeks to motivate and involve people. A museum committed to the environment and people.


THE MCC is a festive and exciting experience.

It is a load of sensations, vital and optimistic, like the colla castellera. At the MCC we want you to let yourself go, to move to the heart of the party, to know and understand it, but above all, to feel it. At the MCC you will see and hear our world. We want to infect you with our feeling, so that you leave with motivation and the desire to start again. We want to make you our world, make your emotion ours.


The MCC is excellent inside and out.

It is an emblematic building, a modern story and cutting-edge equipment. An innovative combination. The most contemporary image to discover the most deep-rooted tradition. The MCC is a space for reflection and study, advancement and science.


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