Masia de la Isla de Buda Sant Jaume d'Enveja

Partida de l'Illa de Buda s/n Sant Jaume d'Enveja
Capacity: 26

The Island of Buda is a fluvial maritime island that forms one of the best preserved wetlands in Spain, is located at the eastern end of the Ebro Delta, and belongs to the municipality of Sant Jaume d'Enveja, in the Montsià region. With 1,400 hectares and about 5 km. in length, is the largest island in Catalonia. Inside are the lagoons of Calaix Gran and Calaix de Mar, which are habitat for a large number of bird species.


It is a Valencian-style farmhouse built in the late nineteenth century, when the island was populated by settlers and local people to cultivate the rice fields. Apart from the house, the farmhouse is composed of a small church and some agricultural stores. With this alternative of tourism it is intended to offer the visitor the accommodation in the farmhouse of the Island of Buda, in which we find three heights:

The house on the ground floor has a total floor area of ​​103 square meters and consists of 5 rooms that allow the accommodation of 9 people, two full bathrooms and a large room in which the kitchen and dining room are located. We also find a garage and a storage room with an area of ​​310 m2.

The first floor has 206 m2 of living space with 6 bedroom rooms distributed in two wings, three full bathrooms, a large living room, a living room, and the main kitchen, also equipped with a pantry, with a capacity for eleven people.

In addition, the farmhouse has an alcove of about 150 m2 with a large living room that contains a museumized bird collection, 3 rooms with a capacity of 6 people, and 2 toilets, one of them complete.


The basic service is the rent of the rooms equipped with bedding, towels and the necessary elements for the kitchen and bathrooms, so that tourists can enjoy the farmhouse feeling free to organize as they see fit. We do not serve any type of meals, so the guest must buy the food and cook on their own. Exceptionally, if it is required there may be cleaning service or someone who cooks, contact the landlady.

Registration Number in Tourism Register of Catalonia: PTE 000290-53


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