Lo Sirgador Tortosa

Avda. Felip Pedrell s/n. Embarcador del Mercat Tortosa

The Sirgador is a replica of the ancient lutes that crossed the river Ebre transporting goods for centuries, until well into the twentieth century.

During the trip, we explain the history of these boats and their crew, llaguters and sirgadors, as well as the importance for the local economy and the history of the city of Tortosa.

We also enjoy, from a unique view, the historical fluvial façade of the city, the Cathedral, the castle, the Episcopal Palace, and the riverbank forest that surrounds the nearby islands.

We sporadically make longer journeys with vermouth on board or gastronomic tastings. Unforgettable outings with live music, such as habaneras, author music, jazz or traditional jotas.

We bring added value to the tourism of Tortosa and its related activities, so that you can enjoy a day or a weekend full of recreational and / or cultural visits.

During the Fiesta of the Renaissance, the Major Festivities of the Ribbon, the day of Carmen, and other festivities we offer tailor-made shows on board for these occasions.

Weddings and celebrations of all kinds on board are also experiences that remain in the memory of the attendees.

Other services offered are:

  • Bicycle rental in Tortosa, the Greenway of Valdezafàn, Terra Alta and Baix Ebre or the Delta del Ebre itself.
  • Rental of kayaks to travel different stretches of the Ebre River.
  • Rental of vehicles, cars and vans.
  • Guided tours to Tortosa or other places in the Terres del Ebre.

We have different packages that include other cultural activities in Tortosa and food in quality restaurants with traditional and / or modern cuisine of the old town and the center of the city

You can check the schedule on our website, as it is variable depending on the seasons, the weather and the duration of the solar day.

We continue adding new services so that you can enjoy your stay in Terres del Ebre.


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