Espai museístic del Ferro Casa Sintet Alins (Vall Ferrera)

Casa Sintet Alins (Vall Ferrera)

Iron, in the Vall Ferrera, has been the origin and history for centuries. The steel tradition was the economic engine of the town until the late nineteenth century.

1801, Pau Casimiro Gaspa opened a forge, the last running of the Valley. Two generations later, when the forge was governed by Joan Casimiro de Moragues, in the vicinity of 1880, the forge had to close, basically due to the mechanization of the production process of the iron with Altos Hornos de Vizcaia and with serious consequent price drop. The age of iron production in the Vall Ferrera is over forever.

The iron produced in the furnace was transported round animal standing at various points throughout the region; Luck, La Pobla de Segur, La Vall de Boi... In spring, the time of thaw, the river was at a rate quite substantial, and was then transported rays to Lleida, Tortosa, Tarragona and Sagunto; and also it exported to France.

When the price of iron and decreased, the economy went home Sintet decanting to livestock, an activity that can still say they continue to live.

In July 2014 this space was opened with the aim of explaining the history of the steel industry in the Vall Ferrera directly linked to one of the most important families in the era of iron as well as the evolution of the same cottage for tens of years; all in an old court and barn of the same house.

With a guided tour, made ​​by the same family of the house, you will be taught throughout the hotel, where I will explain, through the over 300 showpieces of these times; from the origins of the family, the operation of the Forge and the entire economy revolved around, and field work that has been developing in the house for over 200 years.


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