El Dien Restaurant Vallfogona de Balaguer

C/ Estació 28 Vallfogona de Balaguer
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New cuisine Km0

For Dien ecological and natural product is essential in the preparation of every dish, which requires a huge and essential research and search to find the right raw material in each case.

This restaurant dishes Km0 where close and organic farming are prioritized cooked, seasonal foods are used, the use of transgenic avoided, Slow Food products are recovered, and cook sustainably caught fish.

Cooking from the heart and working with high quality food sharing their knowledge with other restaurants Km0 to improve the link between the land and the local cuisine. I like to cook, and like their clients receive at the table what they estimate to be the kitchen.

Behind its ingredients is the face of a small artisan without it, this kitchen would not be possible, direct proximity to producers purchase, seasonality and respect for the environment are your way of expressing what is cooking for them .

The snack area

The desktop is a tradition that has endured over the centuries, unfortunately gradually loses.

From The Dien not have wanted to forget creating adequate space for development, and this is our snack area.

A rustic, cozy area, the ideal place to enjoy a drink or relax with this penultimate nightcap ... It will taste much like liquor cocktails and snacks, not to mention the whiskeys (have a menu with more than 14 references and their tastings), as well as teas and infusions,
including the ability to test custom infusions or teas.

The dining room

A unique and cozy, simple and elegant space with only five tables so reservations are recommended in advance.

You can also enjoy while eating, an exhibition of paintings.


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