Ecorail del Cardener Callús

Carrer Prolongació Dupont s/n Callús

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Discover the Pla de Bages! Come to pedal on the train tracks performing a unique and original activity in Catalonia!

On the innovative cyclorail, very easy to maneuver, you will discover different places of the Pla de Bages of great historical heritage and landscaping interest. A route of 7 km without slopes, suitable for any age!

The activity begins in Callús continues through the municipality of Sant Joan de Vilatorrada and ends Mas de Sant Iscle, in the municipality of Sant Fruitós de Bages. You can carry out the activity with two types of vehicles: the trenpat (train) and the ciclorail (bicycles)

We have a total of 28 seats per trip distributed in:

  • 12 squares of trenpat (1 train and a trailer with 6 seats for each of them). It is designed for all ages.
  • 16 bicycle seats, that is, 8 ciclorail. Each ciclorail has two bicycles. It must be even to go! and must exceed 1.40 m. have reached 6 years of age.

The duration of the activity is around 2: 30h.

The Ecorail offers the following tourist packages:

  • Ecorail and guided visit to the cellar of Mas de Sant Iscle with wine tasting between the round trip of the Ecorail activity.
  • Ecorail and guided tour to the Old Town of Súria.
  • Ecorail and guided visit to the Castle of Súria.

We wait for you every Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

See days of activity and schedules on our website.


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